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From the parrot's beak: summer kick of edition

Updated on May 28, 2016
Strangely colored wild cockatoos are showing up in Australia. This pet Goffin's was caught in the prismatic rays of a crystal.- Photo by George Sommers
Strangely colored wild cockatoos are showing up in Australia. This pet Goffin's was caught in the prismatic rays of a crystal.- Photo by George Sommers

- A horse, errr bird of a different color: Reports of wild blue, yellow, pink, green and even multicolored sulphur crested cockatoos consorting with the normally white colored ones have been coming out of east Sydney, Australia. So far, bird experts and residents are stumped as to the cause of the abnormal coloration.

- Giant white flying termites: A growing population of sulphur-crested cockatoos, long-billed corellas and galahs have been gnawing wooden panels, doors, windows and furniture at homes in the leafy suburb of Donvale, Australia with its million-dollar-plus mansions.causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage. It is suspected a mystery Aussie bird lover has been feeding the birds; causing the population explosion. No word on if any of the sulphur cresteds come in assorted colors.

- Pint for a parrot at the pub?: Last week, it was a parrot turning up at a pizza joint. Now from England comes a report of an African grey parrot showing up at a pub called Wrestlers. Liz Swelman says, “I went to the Wrestlers for lunch. We were sitting outside and behind all the pigeons was what looked like a pigeon, but it couldn’t keep up with the others and ended up coming in the Wrestlers garden. There were a couple of elderly ladies and they had some nuts and were handfeeding it for a while. I said to my friend ‘get my hat onto it’. It had hold of my finger and it actually drew blood.” Anyone who is missing a parrot and thinks it could be theirs should call Birdline UK Parrot Rescue’s helpline on 0845 6431785.

- Outdoor parrot warning: It's healthy for pet parrots and fun for their owners to briong them outside in the mild weather, but not without risks. One parrot owner warns, "It was Feb. 17, 2016 that I absentmindedly stepped outside with [my parrot] on my shoulder, he took a short flight and was heading back to me when a large white hawk swooped in, wrapped his claws around him and flew away. There has been no sign nor word of my best pal of 14 years since."

- Psittacine cinema: Exotic Pet Vet - Dr. Dan Interviews Amazon - YouTube -- Parrots: The Highlight Reel - Video -

- Parrotrivia: CGI parrots, or parrot-like birds, show up in two cameo appearances in the just released flick "Alice:Through the Looking Glass".

- Quote o' the week: If you have multiple birds cleaning the house makes about as much sense as brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. - Facebook meme

- Editor's rant: The Mideast is mainly covered in the news for war, instability and barbaric acts done under the pretext of religion. However, the First National Budgerigar Show in Egypt was recently held and one participant describes the experience: "The exhibition budgerigar hobby in Egypt is in its infancy, but thriving, with people from most segments of society and religions working together to grow and enjoy our hobby." We suspect that most ordinary folks in the Mideast, like elsewhere, would just as soon live their lives free of war and violence - and it is a minority of trouble makers who are unfortunately in a position to influence others and egg on all the strife.

- Hot dates:

528-29: New England Cockatiel Breeders & Exhibitors SPBE Quad Show -Club Frontenac, 1143 Main St., West Warwick, RI - 9-5

5/28: Toy making class11 am Parrot University. 321 South Polk St, Pineville NC

6/4,5,6: :Animal Behavior & Training Workshop featuring Lara Joseph. Sylvania, OH.

6/4: Great Buffalo Bird Fair - Leonard Post, Jr. VFW, 2450 Walden Ave., Cheektowaga, NY 9-4 $5; un der 5 FREE.- - Maryland Budgerigar Society Show - Travel Lodge Winchester , 160 Front Royal Pike, Winchester, VA 10 -5 - - Tim Vogle's Southeastern Exotic Bird Fair - Atlanta State Farmers Market, 16 Forest Pkwy, Forest Park, GA 30297 - 9-4 pm both dayss -- Parrot 101 class. 2 pm. Parrot University. 321 South Polk St, Pineville NC

6/5: Fun with food class. 2 pm. Parrot University. 321 South Polk St, Pineville NC

- Lost: Cockatiel 'Buttons' Moorestown, NJ (856) 234-8178. -- Lost: Eclectus 'Marley' Hartland, MI. (512) 962-0509/(313) 600-1352/☎ (512) 962-0509 -- Found: Parakeet, blue and yellow. Santa Rosa, CA. - ID#A337526 (707) 565-7100 -- Found: Cockatiel. Agoura, CA.- ID#A4951897 (818) 991-0071-- Lost: Cockatiel 'Romeo' Green Bay WI (920) 619-6561 -- Lost: Congo African Grey 'Bertie' Norwell, MA/. Banded: very vocal (617) 962-9032 -- Lost: Congo African grey. 'Ruby' Green Bay, WI (920) 471-2150/ -- Lost: African grey 'Peppi' Suffolk County, NY Reward offered. (631) 615-9972 --- found: mwhite cockatiel, Los Angeles, CA. (888) 452-7381


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