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From the parrot's beak:4/9 edition

Updated on April 7, 2017
- Parrot portraits decorate a wooden cart on sale at a Buzzards' Bay, MA antique store. - Photo by George Sommers
- Parrot portraits decorate a wooden cart on sale at a Buzzards' Bay, MA antique store. - Photo by George Sommers

- Rescue Damaged by Hit and Run Driver: Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Svcs. (MAARS), located in the Twin Cities in Minnesota suffered extensive damage last Tuesday when an unidentified person missed a curve and drove directly into the building. Fortunately, no humans or birds were injured, although repairing the damage will be costly. The driver took off without stopping, but a quick thinking volunteer got a photo of the license plate. - From CBSMinnesota and Facebook

- Prez Off the Hook on Hookbill Delisting: Two Aussie parrot species; the turquoise and scarlet chested, were recently removed from the Endangered Species Act list. Some initial reports fingered Pres. Trump for the removal ("Trump Says Goodbye to Endangered Species Protections for Parrots"). However, the decision was made, and in the works from the US Fish & Wildlife Service for some time due to an apparent increase and stabilization in the numbers of these birds. It remains unclear whether the action required and/or received a sign off by he president for final approval.- Compiled from correspondence with American Federation for Aviculture members and

- The Birds, the Bees and the Humans: To a person, touch is a way of connecting emotionally. But to a parrot, most touch says, "Let’s be mates." Wuh-oh. Some of the worst places an owner can touch are around the vent (butt) area, along the back, and under the wings. This says, ‘Yes, I accept’ an offer of sex. Some of the more disturbing results may include the bird regurgitating, masturbating by rubbing the vent area on you or anything else handy, in the long term laying eggs or if male, trying to mount your hand – or anything else in reach. For your parrot’s well-being, owners should not egg their birds on, so to speak. Otherwise, your parrot will view everyone else in the flock as a threat. Another potential problem is that eventually he or she will get tired of you "failing to deliver". Your parrot’s frustration will manifest in turning on you, or turning that anger inwards. which can result in screaming and plucking. Young or baby birds can be safely touched all over, excepting the vent area. - From

- Parrotrivia: “Three's Company” landlord Ralph Furley complains that one of his tenants has a parrot trained to insult him.

- A Ringer: About 50,000 ring-necked parakeet parrots have moved into parks, woodlands and gardens in parts of England. It was thought they wouldn't survive cold winters but scientists have found the birds, originally native to Africa; are evolving to cope with freezing weather, and may start moving north. - From

- Didja Know: 62 blue-throated macaw chicks were fledged from Nido Adoptivo™ nest boxes between 2008-2016.

-Smuggled Birds Blues: Forty nine scarlet fronted conures were found in an abandoned house in India, following an earlier seizure of 10 parrots in the same area. The smuggler(s) have yet to be apprehended and the birds turned over to a zoo. - From http://www.newsx.comnational/60226-49-exotic-south-american-parrots-seized-by-bsf

- Grammar School: Some studies have noted parrots in the wild have their own dialect among colonies, and neighboring colonies often start adopting each others’ dialect to better communicate.They apparently know grammar, too. “This indicates the existence of a specific rule in the sequential orderings of syllables in their songs, shared within the social community,” Kentaro Abe of Kyoto University, Japan, told New Scientist. - From

- Black Day for Oranges: The deaths of 16 critically endangered orange bellied parrots in a Australia's Tasmanian breeding facility have been blamed on an ineffective disinfectant. The parrots, which represented 11 percent of the 136 existing in captivity, died over a month at the facility in January. Associate Professor David Phelan, an expert in animal management, concluded that the common bacteria pseudomonas aeruginosa killed the birds. Phelan said that the bacteria had grown in sprouted seeds, used as feed, which had become resistant to the disinfectant spray. The incident was the latest in a string of setbacks at the facility. In January 2016 rats got into the facility and killed 14 birds and in 2013 a cat breached a perimeter fence and startled two birds, both of which died after they flew into a wall. - From

- Quote o' the Week: Of course talk to my parrot. Who else can I trust?

- Parrot Porn Story: Does anyone know where we can buy a sexy blowup female conure doll for our male ? All kidding aside but I feel so bad for our female (who is his sister from the same clutch ) ! We don't condone or encourage mating, we also put them to bed ( in separate cages.... what else can be done ?? They are so hormonal , and appear as if they just drank 3 Red Bull's each .. HELP!!!!!- From a Facebook post

- Contest: Is your bird a cover bird? The Bird Endowment is looking for parrot photos for its 2018 calendar. Submissions may be made up until June 30.

- Hot Dates: 4/8,9: Int'l. Assoc. of Animal Behavior Consultants Conference, Los Angeles, CA -- 4/9: Parrot nutrition guru Jason Crean speaks at the Michiana Bird Society 2:30. Willowcreek United Methodist Church, 14010 Jefferson Road, Mishawaka, IN -- Exotic Bird and Animal Expo, 900 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Merced, California -- 4/11: Parrot researcher Kevin Burgio is scheduled featured speaker at The Parrot Club meeting. Veteran's Memorial Clubhouse, 100 Sunset Ridge Road, East Hartford, CT -- 4/12: Parrot nutrionist Jason Crean interview on The Pet ScopeTV 11:30 a.m. --Want your parrot show/event/speaker featured here? Email info to

- Lost: Sun (or jenday) conure 'Tweety'. Freeport, Ny. reward offered. (516) 439-0273/439-1182.


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