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From the parrot's beak: Thanksgiving edition

Updated on November 19, 2016
I can barely believe it's almost Thanksgiving!-  Photo by George Sommers
I can barely believe it's almost Thanksgiving!- Photo by George Sommers

- The Odd Couple: A feral blue-fronted Amazon and ring-necked parakeet became an inseparable pair for a couple of years; sharing every night in a long dead, woodpecker-hollowed, palm in Gainesville, Florida.. The palm finally collapsed and the birds disappeared, reports naturalist Dick Bartlett..

- Thanksgiving = Football and Parrots(?): A macaw appears on a sign advertising Tikiz Shaved Ice at the University of Phoenix Football Stadium.

- Case of the MIssing Grey: Sofia the African grey went missing from her Queens Village, NY home 6 months ago. His owners have reason to believe the bird was found by a man and unwittingly adopted by a blonde haired woman who lives some distance away. The owners are willing to cover adoption and other expenses and are asking for anyone with any knowledge to contact (212) 748-9288 or (917) 318-4357.

- California Crime Caper: Fred the African grey and Ghost the cockatoo were snatched from the patio of a Loma Linda, CA home by a man and a woman driving a blue and white later model pickup truck with dual rear wheel axles.The birds have belonged to their owners for more than 20 years, and Fred the African grey and Ghost the cockatoo received daily visits by students of the Loma Linda University Medical Center.

- Welcome Back: After an almost two hundred-year disappearance, the first green-winged macaws have been released in northeastern Argentina.

- Hoarder of the Week: This time,245 birds; including African grey parrots, macaws, cockatoos, conures, ring neck doves, pigeons, Amazon parrots, finches and parakeets seized from a Damascus, Oregon barn in July after Humane Society workers received a tip about the birds living in poor conditions. The Oregon Humane Society will adopt out the birds that were surrendered by their owner who is facing neglect charges.

- Parrot Wails - Make that Wales: Ten years ago, Clive Coulthard, a retired builder from Castleton, Wales took charge over a friend's two unwanted parrots more than 10 years ago. Now, more than 400 abandoned parrots, finches and budgies; along with a few reptiles and monkeys; make their home at Coulthard's Rainbow Bird Sanctuary. “No matter what they say, I’m not taking them down. They’ll have to put me in prison before I destroy the homes I’ve built for all those animals,” vows Coulthard.

- Parrotrivia: "Mary Poppins"' parrot shaped umbrella handle spoke to her courtesy of David Tomlinson, who also portrayed her employer.

- She Blinded Me With Science: Aspiring Igors and would be lab assistants who own birds are needed to help with some current scientific studies. A study of Quaker parrots in their native Uruguay will be underway as soon as they can get enough funding. One of the principals is Kevin Burgio, PhD candidate and upcoming speaker for Parrot Club of Connecticut. parrot research projects which also need help are sun conures and kakapos. These are part of an ornithology challenge grant ( and all end in less than 2 weeks. --

- Quote o' the week: All pets were created equal. Then God made parrots.

- Hot Dates: 11/19: Exoticbirdmart Expo. 9-3. Fairgrounds. 10 W. Harbor Blvd. Ventura, CA -- No Place Like Home class Alexander, NC. Phoenix Landing -- Parrot University Volunteer Orientation1 pm, 321 South Polk St, Pineville NC -- Parrot's Point of View class. Fairfax, VA. Phoenix Landing

11/24: Thanksgiving. Don't get the turkey and the parrot mixed up.

11/26: Sex & the Single Bird class. 2 pm. Parrot University. 321 South Polk St, Pineville NC

11/27: Everybody's Bird Mart, 9:30-4:00. Adult admission $10, children aged 11 or younger FREE. Pomona Fairplex in Expo Hall 4. Ponoma, CA.-- Avian Health & Medicine class - 2 pm) . Parrot University, Fairfax, VA


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