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From the parrot's beak: parrot-legals edition

Updated on May 12, 2017
Dr. George Messenger and Brent Rodriguez do a wing clip on a scarlet macaw at the Birds Of A Feather spring mart in Auburn, NH last week. - Photo by George Sommers
Dr. George Messenger and Brent Rodriguez do a wing clip on a scarlet macaw at the Birds Of A Feather spring mart in Auburn, NH last week. - Photo by George Sommers

- When in Crow Home: Or when in Carlsbad, California do as the crows do. Residents spotted a striking white bird amid a sea of jet-black crows. A loose cockatoo has taken up with the crow flock (technically known as a "murder") that flies to the coast during the day and roosts inland overnight. “I thought my eyes were getting worse than they already had,” said Craig Correll, who saw the strange traveling companions last week. “There was this white bird in the middle of a bunch of crows.” San Diego Natural History Museum bird expert Phil Unitt said it’s not surprising that a cockatoo on the lam would take up with crows.- From

- Boston Bird Show Ban Update: According to State Senator Patrick O'Connor's legislative director, MA S490, the senators have decided to "redraft" the legislation and that it "will not pass as written". Some in the parrot owning community fear that the bill as originally proposed would put the kibosh on public showings of birds, except in permanent facilities such as zoos.

- Chinese Justice Has Begun: No more laughing, no more fun for a young father accused of breeding and selling sun parakeets - a protected species according to Chinese law. The two were among six birds he sold for 500 yuan ($72) each. According to the court, Wang, a factory worker, was found in possession of a total 51 parakeets of different varieties in his home. Wang told the court he bred the parakeets as a hobby and only decided to sell the batch of six to a friend when they became too much to care for between work and caring for his ill son. He and his wife, Ren Panpan, claimed they had no knowledge that raising or selling the sun parrots was illegal and Wang's counsel argued prosecutors did not clearly establish intention of sale of his 45 other parrots.Wang was charged with trading endangered animals for profit, a crime for which no maximum sentence is stipulated and was sentenced for violating animal protection laws, a crime for which no maximum sentence is stipulated.Social media users have spoken out against what many are calling a heavy-handed decision and the case has been appealed. - From

- No Blue Words at the Zoo: A zookeeper at Boston's Franklin Park Zoo relates how a pet owner relinquished a parrot to the zoo, but the bird had to be kicked out after greeting visitors with a stream of X rated language.

- Here Come the Judge's Parrot: Actually, Zeus the eclectus belongs to an attorney; but he did come to visit Bay County Circuit Judge Joseph K. Sheeran in the Bay City MI court room. The judge asked the attorney to bring the feathered pet in, and she obliged, setting the bird on the judge's shoulder as he donned his robe."He whispered in my ear mighty words of treasure, but I am not at liberty to repeat them," Sheeran joked. - From

- Magna Cum Loudly: One thing they may not mention to prospective customers at the pet shop is that most parrots can be ear splittingly loud. This is one reason that parrots are not a good choice for anyone living with or near people who are noise aversive, as well as a reason many birds are given up for adoption or rescue. And the 5 loudest species; coincidentally, are just about the most popular. Making the list are macaws, cockatoos, conures, Amazons, African greys - For more go to

- Didja Know: The brilliantly colored feathers on parrots come equipped with a bacteria-resistant pigment called Psittacofulvins. It’s a pigment only parrots produce, and it gives feathers their colorful hues.

.- Is There a Tree Doctor in the House?: Ruby, an 11-year-old African grey parrot, flew away from her home in in Newport, UK. Owner Chris Wills, tried to get the parrot down by scaling a lamp post next to the tree where it had perched, but when that failed Nigel Early, who runs a tree surgery business, came to the rescue. After the parrot was rescued, co-owner Steph Walker said on Facebook: "My thanks go out to you all for your concern especially to Nigel Earley who turned up with his cherry picker within 5 minutes and to whoever called him.
"She has a few nip marks from crows plus a few less red tail feathers, but she can fly fine and is eating well and talking too." Apparently, crows don't take to greys like they do to cockatoos. - From

- Quote o' the Week: On the day that God created parrots, he sat back and smiled.

- Read All About It: The 2017 "Bird Talk" magazine has hit the stands. At one time, it was a monthly publication but has scaled back to an annual issue.

- It's the thrill that'll Hit Ya: when you get your picture on the cover of the Great Companions 2018 calendar cover. They are looking for parrot candidates; see their website or Facebook page for submission information.

- Hot Dates: Ongoing- 5/31: Creative Bird Toy Matching Donation Drive orders of toys &/or parts up to $100 matched with equivalent to non-profit rescues or sanctuaries for both bird & small critters. Go to their web site or FB page for more info. -- 5/12: Your Bird's Inner Dinosaur and other topics covered by Jason Crean. FREE. 7 p.m. San Francisco Bird Hotel, 179 Utah Ave. at Harbor Way, South Sand Francisco, CA.-- 5/13,14: Hawaii Pet Expo.Aloha Hawaiian Parrot Association booth. Pets welcome. FREE.10-4, both days. Neil S. Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall, Honolulu, HI -- 5/13: Plant and handmade gift sale; all proceeds to benefit Rhode Island Parrot Rescue. 10-4. 2141 West Shore Rd., Warwick RI -- Northern California & Hawaii American Federation for Aviculture Regional Meeting 10-2 featuring 1st vice president Jason Crean and Regional Director Tiffany Latino -- Bird Mart $4/Under 12 FREE. 9-5. 2001 Suntide Rd., Corpus Christi, TX -- 5/14: Sun Coast Exotic Bird Fair $4/12 and under FREE. Birds, seeds, toys, cages, live entertainment, great food and more. Grand prize 9-3:30. Minnreg Hall 6340 126th Ave N., Largo, FL --Tradin' Day 8-5. Buy, sell, trade birds and exotic animals, plants, etc. Montgomery County Fairgrounds 9281 Airport Rd. Conroe. TX -- Want your parrot show/event/speaker featured here? Email info to

- Have an issue missing issues? Past issues of “From the parrot's beak” and current “Pet Gazette” feature articles by George Sommers can be found on the Facebook Pet Bird Owners page.

- A-tha-tha, a-tha, a-tha That's All, Folks!: "See Also" links appearing on this page are the provided by Hubpages and may not have any direct connections with the editorial content.

- Lost: Green cheek conure flew off. Broome County, NY. (607) 222-4299/221-1093.--Sighted: Green/yellow budgie, Quarry Hills baseball field, Quincy, MA




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