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From The Parrot's Beak: Aug. 6 Edition

Updated on August 5, 2017
Parrot and pirate blended together as a new Ty Beanie Baby. - Photo by George Sommers
Parrot and pirate blended together as a new Ty Beanie Baby. - Photo by George Sommers

- AFA Demo Parrot Goes AWOL in AZ: A freeflight demonstration at last week's American Federation of Aviculture conference didn't go quite as planned when only one of three macaws returned on schedule. While the second bird was located 24 hours later, the third; two year old blue and gold macaw Breeze, decided to do a few days of sightseeing on his own. "A lot of these communities are gated and we can't get in there,” said worried owner MarryAnne Baker. "I think they're still a little spooked from the hawks,.” adding, “I don't have anything against anyone who clips birds,” said Baker, “but I'm in a position that I can allow these birds to fly and give them that kind of quality of life.” Apparently tired of searching for a sunflower seed taco stand, Breeze did. or was returned after a few days of touring the Arizona countryside.The 43rd annual American Federation of Aviculture conference was held at the Westin La Paloma. Last year's freeflight demo, which this editor witnessed; took place in Connecticut and went off without a hitch. However, that owner,. Lewis "Buddy" Waskey, later received the bad news that his town would no longer allow freeflights and moreover had to reduce the number of his flock of macaws if he were to remain as a resident. There have also been reports of freeflying parrots being captured and consumed by hawks. The moral: leave freeflying to the highly trained professionals and even then do so at your own, not to mention your birds' risk. - From

- But Wait, There's More: If you haven't had enough parrot conventioning from AFA, and have deep pockets, you can still catch the parrot tail end of 25th annual AVES International Parrot Convention at the South Grafton Ex-Servicemen's Club in Australia, 8/4-6. "Australia's premier parrot conference" this year includes guests hail from India, Brazil, France, Spain, South Africa, USA and from around Australia. - From

- Psittacine Cinema: Parrot sings Jimmy Buffett's "Margaritaville". Not just a parrot head, here's a parrot all over.

- Parrot Pinched: One police force in Oregon may be used to complaints about loud parties but after following up one call, they found it came from a surprising suspect. Beaverton Police tweeted a picture of one of their officers standing next to a scarlet or greenwing macaw perched on a car's wing mirror. "Ofc. Boliek responds to a noise complaint," the tweet read, "Turns out it's a 10 year old parrot named Bird who loves to talk".- From

- Firefighters Do Tree-mendous Job: A parrot got stuck 50 feet high in a tree dangling a leash which became tangled in the brances. A concerned citizen alerted the Branson, MO fire department, which responded with a ladder truck. Giving a thumbs up, firefighter Colton Boldman was able to untangle the bird and bring it safely back to earth. - From

- Apollycalypse: Yet another once mighty state bird club may be folding its wings and giving up the ghost due to declining membership and that's all we can say due to a confidentiality agreement. In another troubling sign for the bird keeping hobby, an annual bus trip that once ferried a cargo of parrot happy New Englanders to the annual Parrot Palooza festival at Bird Paradise in Burlington, New Jersey has thus far attracted less than a third of the minimum needed to sign up and may have to be cancelled.

- Parrotrivia: A commercial for Jack Hanna's syndicated "Animal Adventures" features a sulfur crested cockatoo, macaw and an Amazon. -- And, if you'd like to meet the famous TV animal wrangler Jack Hanna and score some free tickets to the Columbus Zoo, there's a contest:

- Suffering for Art: The late Mexican artist Frida Kahlo owned a menagerie of pets including an Amazon parrot, macaws and parakeets. It was recently noted that some of the birds appeared to have feather damage, which some speculate may have been caused by cigarette smoke or paint fumes; both of which should be avoided around birds due to their hyper delicate lungs.

- Flipping the Bird: Popular "Bird Talk" contributor and "Companion Bird Newsletter" author Sally Blanchard recently made the surprise announcement that she is giving up the Paco and Whode, the two parrots she currently owns. While not specified, age and health may be the reason for the 73 year old Blanchard's decision.

- Quote o' the Week: Scream. Destroy all the things. Enjoy cuddles. Scream some more. Throw food everywhere. Gotta dance. - cockatoo proverb,.

- Alligators in NYC's sewers? Nope, but there ARE parrots in NYC's skies- more myths and misinformation and the true stuff, George Sommers' Page 8 feature story in the August 2017 "Pet Gazette".

- Aphrodisiac for Parrots: 2016 was a record breeding season for kākāpōs - the best since New Zealand’s Department of Conservation began managing and monitoring the night parrots 25 years ago. Still, with fewer than 160 birds, kākāpō are critically endangered. Kākāpōs together with the kākā, only breed successfully every three or four years, during mast years, when mass fruiting of native trees occurs.This link between the parrots’ successful breeding and high levels of fruiting in native plants has focused investigations on potential stimulants present in their food plants that might activate or improve reproduction. - From

- Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Letter from across the pond: "I am currently carrying out a survey for my MSc dissertation on the attitudes to mirror use for psittacines (parrots, budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, etc.) and I am looking to spread the questionnaire to be aimed at both keepers and owners within the past year. This can even be completed if you have not provided a mirror as I will also be investigating the reasons why. Any responses would be much appreciated!"

- Hot Dates: 8/3-5: American Federation for Aviculture's 43rd conference. "It's the big one," to quote Fred Sanford. This year's theme is "Aviculture is Conservation, too". Freeflight demonstrations, workshops, raffles and vendors are featured; alonmg with a stellar cast of avian experts including Jamie Whittaker, Jason Crean, Concetta Ferragamo. Robin Shewokis, Adraianne Mock, Patricia Anderson and more. Tucson, AZ.-- 8/4-6: 25th annual AVES International Parrot Convention at the South Grafton Ex-Servicemen's Club in Australia, 8/4-6. -- 8/11: "Parrot's beak" editor's birthday -- Want your parrot oriented show/speaker/event featured here? Email


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    • George Sommers profile image

      George Sommers 8 months ago from Weymouth, MA

      You joined Hubpages just to make this comment? Sorry, jc; but I'm more of a writer than a taxonomic authority; especially concerning similarly appearing species, which is why I left it open. BTW, that would be "Oregon" and "police". Thanks for writing and on a more sincere note, thanks for the correction on the Hanna link.