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Fruit of an Ostrich-Porcupine Mating

Updated on August 25, 2010
Fruit of an Ostrich-Porcupine Mating, rickzimmerman 2010
Fruit of an Ostrich-Porcupine Mating, rickzimmerman 2010

Scientists have answered the easy questions already: Where did this mating take place? Most likely in the southern portion of the African continent, where the natural habitats of the ostrich and the Old World porcupine overlap.

When did this mating take place? Well, the offspring pictured here seems to be nearing sexual maturity — which usually happens by the fourth year in ostriches and by about the second year in porcupines — so we presume the parental mating took place around three years ago, give or take. And, since the ostrich is diurnal, while the porcupine is predominately nocturnal, it is most likely that this youngster’s parents met up in a dusky evening on the Transvaal (perhaps during a romantic sunset after imbibing a bit of the local Van Der Hum tangerine liquor to the murmur of native drums?).

And how did this mating take place? Delicately, quite obviously, considering the porcupine’s awesome quills, and with some rather creative acrobatics. Ostriches range from about 150 to 300 pounds, with a total height from 6 to 9 feet, while most porcupines weigh less than 30 pounds and hunch in at under 20”. (Considering that an ostrich’s, um . . . er . . ‘mating equipment’ is roughly 3 feet off the ground, that must’ve been one rather determined porcupine!)

One thing’s for sure — Love Conquers All! 


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