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Fruitables All-Natural Dog Treats-Great Wheat Free Dog Treats

Updated on October 25, 2010

Fruitables All-Natural Dog Treats

Looking for a great wheat free dog treat. Then you'll love Fruitables All Natural Dog Treats because they are made with your pet in mind. The treats are made in the USA & Free of Wheat, Corn, Soy, By-Products, Artificial Ingredients/Preservatives. This great for anyone looking for a great safe wheat free dog treat. I love these treats because their is no crap in it.

Another great thing about this treat is that their is under 9 calories per treat which is great for any dog keeping an eye on his weight. These dog treats sell like crazy so it's best to get your hands on them when you can. They are also hard to find in stores because I have looked. You will love these treats because they come in quite a few different flavors.

The Flavors are Pumpkin & Banana, Pumpkin & Apple, Pumpkin & Blueberry, and Pumpkin & Cranberry.

Just in case you want a bigger case of them if 7 ounces is not big enough they also have boxes of them for sale in your favorite flavors as above or need some for on the go then check out these boxes of 6 pouches.  These treats have the highest natural level of Beta-Carotenes in treats, providing immunity boosting antioxidants to help keep your dog healthy.

Each 8.4 oz carton contains six 1.41 oz fresh pack pouches


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