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Fun Dog Christmas Presents: Christmas Dog Clothes, Dog Christmas Collars and Leashes

Updated on December 5, 2010

Okay, I will admit I'm one of those dog owners who gives my dogs Christmas stockings. They are, after all, members of our family, are they not? I also have an old dog who's often cold, so I do enjoy buying her the occasional Christmas sweater. I most enjoy exchanging their everyday collars for dog Christmas collars when the holiday season arrives.

I originally began looking for dog Christmas collars in regular retail stores, but wasn't thrilled with the selection and limited variety. As usual, I found myself shopping online where I know I will be able to find what I really want.

I did become a little, well, distracted by the plethora of fun Christmas dog presents. Many of my friends have dogs, as well as the majority of my family members. You might not want to get quite as carried away as I have, but I found some really fun items I thought I'd share.

A Christmas dog sweater can be both festive and functional.
A Christmas dog sweater can be both festive and functional. | Source

Dog Christmas Collars and Leashes

A nylon dog collar is a great choice for the holiday season since they offer the widest variety of Christmas patterns. Not to mention they're inexpensive, a big plus since this will be a “temporary” collar. Premier makes quality dog collars, I've had a few and have always been pleased. Of course this company has joined in on the Christmas fun by making a jingle bell dog collar. This is definitely NOT for a dog that gets spooked easily or is afraid of noise. This nylon color comes in red or green and small, medium and large sizes with size adjustability for proper fit.

The snowman Air Dog collar could not be more festive for your pooch! This is great for the dog who has skin problems as the collar's material is made out of the same mesh used in running shoes. It's breathable, very lightweight and even washable. It comes in a variety of sizes, so make sure you get the right one for your dog. The size shown is a medium.

The next item I loved (and purchased for one of my dogs) is the Christmas bones dog collar by Up Country. The ribbon on this one is both fray and stain resistant (although it is machine washable), so it could very well be your dog Christmas collar for years to come. It also has a coordinating leash. Again, make sure you have the correct size for your dog, I have shown the large size.

The Christmas tree and stocking collar is hand made by a company called Country Brook Design. Since they are hand made, each one will be a little bit different. It's a nylon collar with cotton fabric stitched on. The collar shown is large, since it's easiest to see the adorable pattern this wa

Finally, the Seasons Greetings Snowman Zack Collar Shuffle item has both a collar and its coordinating leash. It's made of nylon with sturdy nickel hardware. Like the Snowman Air Dog collar, it's nice to have the coordinating set, which mind you, can be very hard to come by.

Christmas Dog Clothes and Sweaters

I will admit, I used to not be a big advocate of dressing my dogs up in any clothes. However, I have changed my tune with our senior dog with a metabolic problem. She was constantly looking cold during the winter months, so I ended up buying her a holiday dog sweater. It did take her a little getting used to, but she's fine with it now and no doubt appreciates staying warm. Subsequently, I've added some jackets to her wardrobe.

I love the Zack and Zoey line, their products are durable, and I think the red Snow Day dog sweater is perfect for Christmas. It's an acrylic turtleneck with ribbed leg holes and neck. It also has rear leg straps to keep it securely in place. This sweater also comes in green.

The Christmas Tree Twinkle Star dog sweater actually has a blinking star on the top of the applique. This one took me by surprise, I must say. The long lasting battery allows it to blink for up to 72 hours and it's even machine washable. It's made of acrylic with ribbed cuffs and neck for comfort. It has loops for the legs, too.

I love Cody's Christmas Tree dog sweater! It has a nice, subtle Christmas theme for dog owners who don't want to go over the top. It has a more modern look and European design. The tree is made from small rhinestones. It's a washable acrylic with ribbed legs and neck, with a pull down turtleneck.

The Dog Holiday Striped Hoodie sweater really caught my attention! Now, I'm not sure all dogs would put up with a hoodie over their heads, but I'm sure there are some who would appreciate that extra protection from the elements. The hoodie actually has a removable feather trim, so you can get that extra bit of glam for your fashionable pooch. The design definitely fits the Christmas theme, but it could be a sweater you could wear all year long. It comes in a couple of different colors and patterns.


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