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Fun Facts about Animals

Updated on December 28, 2008

Collection of Fun Facts about Animals

Whether you have your own animals or just want to know more about the amazing animals of the world, here are some fun facts that you may not have known: There are some facts that are just incredible. There are so many animals out there so I will try and cover the more popular ones.



  • cattle are the only animals to pee backwards

  • a cow gives 200,000 glasses of milk over a lifetime

  • cats can make over 100 vocal sounds

  • cats use thier whiskers to judge distances

  • cats urine glows under black light

  • cats see 6 times better then humans at night


I had heard from my husband and his family that cats can be taught to use the toilet. I thought that was ridiculous. However it is true! Not only can they be taught to do this but also they can be taught to sit, heel, jump through a hoop, eat with thier paws, roll over and fetch! It looks like they are as smart as dogs.


  • chained dogs are 3 times more likely to bite

  • a horse can eat 7 times it's own weight in food

  • an ants smell is as good as a dogs

  • ants don't sleep

  • insects shiver when thier cold

  • swans have penises


  • -the bones of a pigeon weigh less then it's feathers!

  • -giraffes can fall 6 feet when born

  • -spotted skunks do handstands before they spray

  • -a mule doesn't sink but a donkey does

  • -russians bred sheep with blue wool

  • -bats only turn left when leaving a cave

Did you ever think about the blood of different animals? Is the blood of animals all the same colour? Well in fact it's not! It is a fun fact that the blood of mammals is red. The blood of insects is yellow and the blood of a lobster is blue!


You have probably heard of the group "Three Dog Night". Well this expression actually originated with Eskimos when the nights were so very cold. In order to keep warm they would bed down with dogs...three to be exact.  

Could you ever imagine an animal smaller then a penny? The bumblebee bat of Australia weighs less then a penny!

Thinking about dogs in the police force we usually see German Shepherds doing much of the work and being partnered with officers. The reason is that shepherds have the greatest noses of all dogs. They have 225 million cell receptors in thier noses making them ideal for police work.  

These are all great fun facts. I have learned a lot and hopefully you have too.


Funny Tiger


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  • LRobbins profile image


    9 years ago from Germany

    Very interesting and fun to read!

  • FunFacter profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Canada

    thank you for correcting.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    You are incorrect. Female pigs urinate to the rear.

    And German Shepherds do not have the best sense of smell. Bloodhounds have a much greater ability. The German Shepherd is used because it has the best combination of tracking, prey drive, and ability to follow commands, among other things.


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