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Fun Friday Horse Quiz

Updated on July 27, 2018
Gettysburg Battlefield
Gettysburg Battlefield | Source

It's Friday !!!

Time for some fun and games! Today, I have a quiz for you on horses in U.S. History. I’m sure that all of the horse crazy people out there will probably ace it! It is multiple choice, so if you don’t know take a guess. Have fun !

Here it is Good Luck !

1. At the second battle of Bull Run, this horse became frightened and broke General Robert E. Lee’s hand on a stump. Which horse was it?

a. Greenbriar

b. Cincinatti

c. Traveller

d. American Pharaoh

2. This horse was captured in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, by Stonewall Jackson’s Army. They originally called him Fancy, but once he became General Stonewall Jackson’s Primary mount his name was changed to what?

a. Little Sorrel

b. Lightning

c. Big Sorrel

d. Morgan

3. This President’s horse was named Old Bob to differentiate the horse from his son. Which President rode Old Bob?

a. George Washington

b. Abraham Lincoln

c. Donald Trump

d. Thomas Jefferson

4. The name of the “riderless” horse in President John F. Kennedy’s Funeral was what?

a. Black Jack

b. Sergeant York

c. Dolly

d. Secretariat

5. This horse was bought by the U.S. Army in 1868. He was founded badly wounded two days after the Battle of Little Bighorn. He was nursed back to health and later called “the only living representative of the bloody tragedy of Little Big Horn.

a. Traveller

b. Comanche

c. Hawk

d. Stormy

6. This horse was 17 hands. He was the son of the fastest four mile thoroughbred in the United States at the time. The general who rode him excelled in horsemanship at West Point and at graduation he put on exciting jumping display. What was the horse’s name?

a. Cincinnati

b. Lord Baltimore

c. Houston

d. Jim Dandy

7. General Grant had many horses throughout his campaign. This one he acquired during the Vicksburg campaign, at the Mississippi plantation of the only President of the Confederate States. This horse was aptly named what?

a. Rebel

b. Dixie

c. Jeff Davis

d. Southern Comfort

8. This horse was used by the U.S. Marine Corp during the Korean War. She was known for making solo trips and during the battle for OutPost Vegas in 1953, she made 51 solo trips in one day. She was also named in the list of Top 100 All Time American Heroes. Her name was?

a. Crazy Train

b. Reckless

c. Sergeant

d. Traveller

9. This horse was trained by an ex-slave at the turn of the 20th century. He could answer questions with the nod of a head and get correct change from a cash register using his tongue.

What was his name?

a. John Henry

b. Beautiful Jim Key

10. Most of the U.S. Special Operation Soldiers had never been on a horse before the mission when they invaded what country in 2001? Embodying the Special Forces mission to “get the job done however you have to, adapt and overcome”

a. Iraq

b. Afghanistan

c. Syria

d. Saudi Arabia

Gettysburg battlefield view from horseback.
Gettysburg battlefield view from horseback. | Source

So... How Do You Think You Did ?

I will answer a question each day, as well as elaborate more on each horse and the part they played in our History. So stay tuned for a horse history lesson, it will be much more fun than a regular history lesson !


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