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Fun & Interesting Facts About Bumble Bees

Updated on May 15, 2012

1. Popular belief would have you believe bumble bees are viscous killers. Many Hollywood movies have depicted swarms of bees going around killing people. However, this is just not true. The bumble bee is similar in temperament to the honey bee. It is a very gentle creature

2. Bumblebee bees have a similar defense mechanism that lets them know there is danger nearby. They use a stinger and release a pheromone to alert other honey bees to danger. Generally you can watch bees from a distance and as long as you do not try to harm they will leave you alone.

3. In a bumble bee hive, there are three main groups of bees that make up a significant portion of the nest. There are the Worker Bees which are generally female bees. There is the queen bee that is ahead of the entire swarm. Along with the drone bee which is the male Bumble bee.

4. The Bumble bee is very easy to identify because of its large and colorful appearance. They can be up to 1 inch in length. They have a yellow and black stripped appearance that is fuzzy. They can also be seen going from flower to flower in an awkward fashion.

5. Bumble bees are one of the largest in the bee family so they are easy to spot. There largeness and slow speed really help to identify them

6. A Queen will identify a place that is suitable to make a nest. Once she has gathered enough nectar and pollen while laying her first eggs she needs to take time to incubate them. She will incubate the eggs by sitting on them and flexing her muscles to create warmth.

7. Cuckoo bumble bees are unique in the family. They will attack other species of bumble bees if they present an issue when they are near their nest.

8. Bumble bees are important to the agricultural business because they help in pollinating the plants around the country much the same way as honey bees.

9. Bumble bees are part of a larger social network they have established in their colony. Bumble bees often live in a large family circle.

10. They will make a nest anywhere they feel is safe. Many times they look for calm locations that are not frequented by people or animals. They will usually make their nest in the ground. If, not they have been known to hang from beams or attics.

11. The sting of a Bumblebee is generally not dangerous unless you are allergic to the poison which is released into your system. This poison is used to paralyze the intended victim. However, being large in mass with humans this is generally not the case. They have been known to pursue aggressors that disturb their nest for great distances.

12. Bumble bees have a can only usetheir stinger once. Once they lose it defending the colony they are unable to regrow it. They will go away from the colony and die.


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  • maggs224 profile image


    6 years ago from Sunny Spain

    What a fascinating hub, I have just published a hub about bumblebees I find them endless interesting and I love to photograph bees of any type.

    I found your hub very interesting and informative and I am putting a link to it in the body of my text I hope that it generates some traffic for you this hubs deserves to be seen and read.

    Voting up+ and hitting buttons as I go :D


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