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Fun and Functional Dog Beds

Updated on April 17, 2013

Great time to be looking for Dog Beds

There has never been a better time to search for the ideal dog bed for your pooch and home d├ęcor. The wide variety available makes it possible to find something that suits your aesthetic and pocket book. It is pretty cool when your dog likes it too.

The following is a list of attractive dog beds and the sites where they can be found. Some beds have more emphasis on form and others more on function, which is obvious, but ideally there is a mix of both that suits your needs.

Orange Striped Dog Bed by Inubar
Orange Striped Dog Bed by Inubar | Source

Sunkist Striped Round Bed by Inubar

The image to the right is a machine washable, round striped dog bed from Inubar. It runs around $58 at Inubar and is a very happy color.

William Wegman Design
William Wegman Design | Source

William Wegman Pattern Dog Bed

Here is a design created by the most famous dog photographer in the world, William Wegman. He has partnered with the inventor's of Crypton which is a material that has approved disinfectant and deodorizing qualities. The interesting design combined with the Crypton is a great combination. This bed is listed for $120 at Pet Modern.


Yapeedog Dog Bed

This is a very playful round red dog bed called a Yapeedog Bed. The unusual pleating adds to the uniqueness. This would be a nice addition to any home.


Leather Dog Bed

Pet Modern also offers a cube shaped leather dog bed that is a mere $2,680. If it suits your budget and aesthetic, it looks like an amazing addition to any home. It is made in Germany, which we all know if renowned for their attention to detail, out of cowskin with a semi-aniline skin, which is a finishing process. Looks like a nice place for your dog.


Orthopedic Dog Bed

It would only make sense that you are starting to think that maybe your dog has orthopedic needs that are not being met by these other beds. No problem. Pet Modern has you covered with the Modern Orthopedic Bed in a simple blue and white pattern for $95 dollars or so. It is an attractive bed.

Moon Doggie Dog Bed

Love the patterns of Moon Doggie's beds. They are the traditional shape, which is great for a dog to sprawl, but beautiful for decor. They come in three sizes and the price ranges from $25 to $50.


Molly Mutt Duvet Dog Bed

Molly Mutt has it right - - they sell Dog Bed Duvets. Brilliant. Keep your bed looking great by cleaning the cover frequently. Easy to swap out different designs with all sorts of patterns. This is just one of many beautiful offerings.


Bloomingtails Dog Bed

This is a luxurious microvelvet dutchi dog bed in a Cedar Lattice. It has "high memory" polyester fiber fill. The bottom line, it looks like an awesome place to rest four paws. It is made from high quality, resilient materials. Yummy.


The P.L.A.Y. Savannah Lounge Bed

The P.L.A.Y. Savannah Lounge Bed is an awesome place to be a dog after romping through anything. Fancy velvety microsuede should make you and your pet happy. Elevated sides help with head support and a nice place to curl up. Inner cushion and exterior can be flipped, allowing you to enjoy 4 different looks in one bed!

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