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Fundamental Bee Keeping Regulations

Updated on July 15, 2010

Bee keeping regulations are very important in societies.The main reason for this is to ensure that there are safe acceptable practices that go into the economic practice.Places without clear or written policies on this issue will leave keepers in the dark as they operate in confusion on what they should do to uphold laws.There are numerous reasons why the regulations are invaluable but this is a look at some of the top or common regulations of this practice in many places of the world.This age-old practice will ensure that sweet tasting honey is produced in earnest for the market.

Different places will have certain regulations and it is vital for all to find out what is required of them in their area.The Internet can provide quick insights on this matter and people can know what to do in this regard.Having said this, the following is a look at some of the areas that will be touched most where regulation is concerned.The first aspect will touch on the number or quantity of hives to own depending on a location.Authorities will set a certain number of hives to be permitted in different locations and in suburbs, people can be allowed up to three hives alone.

In many places, the keepers are advised to keep the hives and bees in a far proximity from neighbours.This is owing to the fact that neighbours can tend to see only the negative aspects of bees near them.Consequently, see how there can be a barrier constructed to keep away the bees from neighbours and this might save lots of heartache.In New Zealand, this is a key requirement that will keep neighbours happy and it also the case in many other places. Keepers are also faced with the task of keeping the noise of bee to a minimal.This can be done easily by getting a young queen who is known to come from a quiet lineage.

Doing this at the stat of the year is important for better results.The manner in which people bring in the nuc and the timing will also determine the levels of buzz.Local authorities will have certain rules that need to be complied with and checking them out will not hurt.These authorities enforce the rules as they go round checking for defaulters.Bee keepers should know that keeping their neighbours happy is the key.Many neighbours make all kind of complaints to authorities and keepers do not want to be caught not toeing the line in this regard.


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