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Funny Cat Names Award!

Updated on February 16, 2013

Funny, unusual, unique, amusing, clever cat names are given an award and placed in The Cat Gallery's Hall of Fame of Funny Cat Names

Cat names are inspired by the subjects that will wear them. Deciding on something so important should not be done lightly. The cat will wait patiently for you to discover its name. It knows its name already, of course, and will give you all kinds of hints as to what it is. Just be observant, and it will be revealed. There may be something about the cat's personality or its appearance that speaks its name to you.

If the cat names of your felines are unusual or funny and fit like a glove, let us know. Tell us the stories behind the names. If Fledermaus thinks your pet names are amusing, we'll print them here. And if you're looking for unusual names, you might find some inspiration here.

All you people with funny cats and their funny cat names (clever, amusing, silly, oh so appropriate), let us know so we can add you to our Hall of Fame. If you have a web site, we'll give you a link to it with your funny pet name description. You will also receive the prestigious "I Have a Cat with a Funny Cat Name Award" to place on your web site, Facebook, emails, etc.. This distinction is not given out frivolously, but only to those humans who have been observant enough to discover their cat's true name (in Fledermaus' opinion). And you can be proud of your accomplishment.

Does that look like a bat, or what?


It is appropriate that we start off with The Cat Gallery's Russian Blue host, Fledermaus. This strong-willed kitten began life in Baja California and ended up in California, USA, with his own green card. When he was a baby, his ears were huge for his face, and with his dark gray coat, he looked like a bat. Fledermaus is Geman for bat. Since we know a little German and love opera, Fledermaus he became. So, he's a Mexican, American, German, Russian Blue.

This award has been made in his honor.

Then there was Faux Paw who slipped in through the cat door one evening as a baby and decided to stay. She had a lot of trouble negotiating the litter box and would step in her business and then track it all over the floor. This little paw mistake gave her a name.


I went to a cat show and browsed around the "adopt me" center. A white kitty put out his paw and snagged my shirt. I stopped to inquire. The note on his cage said he had had 5 homes and really needed someone who could handle him--a cause, to be sure. I decided to take him home and try. You see, he was deaf. I thought, at the time of adoption, that I would surely need an aspirin to deal with his antics--ah light bulb--white cat, trouble--perfect. I named him "Aspirin" (aka. Ass-purrrin). He was a wonderful cat. I trained him to come when I waved my hands, and to get his attention, I would bang on the floor, bed, couch, etc. He was definitely an "ass-purrrin" cat and no trouble at all. Five homes and nobody could figure out how to handle him. I'm glad I was there--it's one of my best success stories!!! I also had "Rorschach" a black and white kitty named after the ink blot test. Then there is sweet "Azzizi". He was born with crossed eyes, a broken tail and his mother tried to bury him in the litter box. His name means "Precious One" in Swahili.


Lucy was a stray cat and was the sweetest cat we had ever seen....till we adopted her. As soon as she realized that we belonged to her, the manipulative minx dropped the sweet act. By then it was too late. That is when we named her Lucy Furr. BTW, tell Fledermaus that Lucy Furr's favorite toy is a stuffed mouse that 'chirps' when it is moved....we named the toy Die Tweeter-maus. Marcie


Hi, We're living in London and one Christmas a very flufffy cat, who we had seen hanging around the area for quite a while, came up to us looking for some food. He's been with us ever since and due to his fluffyness, especially in certain regions, we named him "Fluffbum". He doesn't seem to mind though! Unknown to their owners, we also give our own names to cats we see in our area regularly, e.g. a cat with a silent meeow we named "Harpo".

His Royal Fluffyness


I have a ten-year-old cat who has really bad breath. She has always had bad breath. Her name is "Certs Alert" because every time she yawns, that is what it is...a Certs Alert! I also call her "Hal" short for Halitosis. Lori Lynn Anderson


I have a cat named Purreaux. When I went to the Humane Society looking for a new kitten I spotted a little orange tiger stripe kitten all alone in a cage. Someone had just dropped him off and he was dirty and covered with fleas. I knew that kitten was meant to go home with me. He had personality. He wasn't over six weeks old and fit in the palm of my hand. He had huge ears (aka Ross Perot) and was very affectionate. He purred constantly and very loudly. The name fit perfectly with his personality and large ears. Tammy Corbett

Need some help with your cat's name?


We got our first kitty, a calico, and she was quite the talker. So we called her Mau Mau since all she did was meow. Our second is a brown tabby with beautiful we called her Bling Bling. Our last is an orange and white kitty and since we live in Arizona, we had to name him Kitty Con Queso. Kati Barnes


I was riding my bike along a river trail and I heard a loud meowing in the bushes. I stopped and saw a very frightened little tortoiseshell kitten. The river was full of fish that were trapped and she smelled very fishy. So we named her Sushi. Taunya Hadlock


My cat's name is Ed-A-Puss. It's a play on words for "Oedipus" because he's a mommy's boy. :-)

This is a short tale about a little gray kitten who was left on the I-5 freeway in Los Angeles. Who knows what could have happened to her. Until a truck pulled over and picked her up. The truck driver after finding this little kitten (6 weeks old) took her to the Animal Shelter. We were looking for a companion for our other cat and were looking on the internet at pictures when we saw this little gray kitten (Ohhh, cute). So, off we went to the Orange County animal shelter to rescue her but she wasn't in either of the cat houses, they have two (Oh, no!). Fortunately we had a cage number and asked where she might be. The clerk said that she was spoken for by someone else and they never picked her up or paid for her. (Abandoned again) So, along with the truck driver who found her on the freeway we found her too. We are naming her "Finders" and yes we will keep her. Like the old saying "finders keepers". Olfogey (Gary Fogarty)


My cats' name is Oreo! We named her that because, her back, stomach and head are black, but her neck is white! We found Oreo when she was about 5 and she was a nasty thing that only liked my father and me, but when we turned her into an inside cat she became very affectionate. This cat is the storngest animal you would ever see. I mean, Oreo could get hit by a truck and wave to the driver as he went by. Samantha Soper


My 4-year tuxedo little girl has the name of Poopsy. When we brought her home we were undecided for a name for her. My 3-year-old step-daughter, Kristin, used to follow her around all the time and say, "All she does is poops, Jennifer". I laughed and every time she saw the kitten she would say she's having a poopsy. Well, the name stuck and so did her overly worked bowels!!!!!!!!! I love poops (what I call her for short) and wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. Jennifer Gibb, Moncton, NB Canada

More ideas


My grandma got two new kittens. They just look like long haired Siamese. We don't know if they are Himalayen or Persian with a color point but they just look like long haired Siamese (they are twins). Of course everyone associates Siamese with Chinese, so I helped name them Egg Drop and Won Ton!!! How cute!!!! Jeff and Stephanie Dahl


My cat's name is P.I.T.A. and we got her from the Yonkers Animal Shelter. We had to wait 3 weeks before we were allowed to bring her home. On my 1 year anniversary my husband brought me down to the shelter to get a kitten. PITA had food on her face and was squeaking loudly. The attendant said I could not take her home because she was not eating well and had stomach problems. I asked if they could put her down as taken but they said that if she was well and someone else came in they could take her. So, my husband just about went there every day to see if she was ready. By the end of 3 weeks she was over her stomach problems and my husband proclaimed that she was already such a "Pain In The Ass" (P.I.T.A.). Eileen Hacaj


My mother-in-law has a Blue Point Siamese cat. He is very big (20 pounds) and has a very long name. His name is "THE CAT".....Theodore Hewitt Edward Cat. We call him Mr.T for short. He is the leader of a household of 13 cats, and boy does he mean business, and that's why I think he suits the name "Mr.T".


Once, while grocery shopping, I heard a loud and persistent "MEEEEEEEW" in the parking lot and followed it to the cutest grey tabby, the last in a litter of free kittens left alone in a shopping cart. I took him home where he immediately commenced shreading through the house, devouring anything edible and tearing after toys and other cats and even after his own tail! So I named him Taz, after the Tazmanian Devil... Michelle Lyon P.S. Thank you for the award! Unfortunately, Taz's story has a sad ending, as he tazzed across the street and was hit by a car, at the tender age of six months. Poor little devil. I feel his acceptance on your site honors his love for life and play. Thank you so much!


Hi Eve, I was purrusing your website and saw the section for "adding a funny cat name". I guess our family would qualify as having cats with funny names. Our black cat is Pan, short for Pan d'Monium. When we first took him to the vet I told them that his last name is d'Monium. He is a maniac at age 4. Acts like he's 2. I could write a book about his antics, in fact my partner has written a short story which I'm going to illustrate. We originally named him Pan when he was a kitten after the mythical creature who plays the flute. At the time we named him we didn't know that in Greek mythology, Pan is the consort of Artemis. Well, Artemis is our female kitty. I rescued her and her brother, Goldenrod, when they were 3 weeks old. I knew that Artemis' name was going to be a Goddess name, and the name Artemis intuitively came to me. I knew that Artemis was the Goddess of the moon, midwifery and wild creatures, but at the time I named her I didn't know that Artemis is the Goddess of hunting as well. Goldenrod was named in honor of a friend named Rod who is an esteemed animal right activist; he's a fluffy orange cat, hence his name

Still need help?


My cat is 11 years old. He is a tiger tabby with a pair of magnificent knee length white Boots on the back legs. The front paws have dainty white mittens. Boots weighs 23 pounds. The name Boots Wellington is a pun for the white boots and Wellington because Wellingtons are what Boots are called in the United Kingdom! Thanks, Jennifer and Boots Wellington


We have a precious new addition to our household and we feel that we've given her a funny, but very suitable name. To preface her story let me say that we were already owned by an 18 pound black & white kitty named Maxwell Sylvester Puddytat (or MaxiCat, or Maximus Cattamus or Big Boy Kitty Love). MaxiCat is a very laid back, loving kitty & he prefers the term "big-boned" to fat. Two weeks ago we found ourselves staring into the sweetest, tiniest tabby face and knew that this "free to a good home" baby was going home with us. Being used to MaxiCat and his low key attitude, we weren't prepared for the tornado that entered our home. The angelic face had been deceptive and that little stinker proceeded to turn our house and our lives upside down. Her beautiful little face with those giant grey eyes and innocent stare has gotten her out of plenty of trouble and she's maturing into a sweet & cuddly member of the household. She can still be a stinker, which is why she has earned the name Stinkerbelle. We wouldn't have her any other way. : ) ~ Nancy in Nashville


I have two cats. One is three years old and I got her from a man who had the mother. She was basically an outside barn cat. So I took this black and white kitten home and spent time with her trying to come up with an original name for her. As I was petting her, she rolled over onto her back displaying her belly. It looked like a swirled marble table so I called her marbles. Well, lo and behold, the name fit perfectly, because as time went by, I realized not only did it fit her appearance but her personality, too. Sometimes out of the blue for no reason, she will run around the house or run in circles like she is crazy, and it is very funny to watch her. It's almost like a young child dropping a handful of marbles onto the floor and they go everywhere! My second cat I found outside in a bad thunderstorm one night. She is a kitten and was soaking wet from the rain. I brought her in and fed her and dried her off. She was very cuddly and wouldn't leave my side. She slept with me all that night. I wanted to give her a name but didn't want a real common name. So, because she is calico colored with gray and orange patches of colors, instead of calling her patches, I came up with Puzzle-puss. She looks like someone put her colors together like a puzzle.


My black cat is named TUPAC because she is a gangsta thug. Don't mess with Tupac, she'll beat u down.


I have a white "moon eyed cat" with one blue eye and one yellow eye so the appropriate name I gave him was "Moonshine". Yes, like the intoxicating liquor illegally distilled drink.
Thank You. Mrs. Kimmi Peake


I think that my cat has a really cute, and funny name. My daughter brought this little grey and white kitten home from a farm where she went horseback riding . We all immediately fell in love with her, and then we noticed that she stunk HORRIBLY of fish. So we decided to name this smelly wonder, Anne Chovie. Hope you like it.


I found your website merely by accident, but am so glad I did. I just loved reading everyone's stories about how their furkids were named. I thought I would share with you, maybe not funny names, but my cats' names just the same.
My husband is an active duty Marine so with that we are stationed on the island of Okinawa, in Japan. When we got here we decided that it would be nice to "adopt" a cat. We found a friendly black and white male and took him home with us. We weren't sure what we'd name him, but knew we wanted it to at least sound Japanese...LOL. Well, one of our favorite places to eat here is a "fast food" style restaurant called Yoshinoya...Thus came cat #1...Yoshi. We later found out that Yoshi mean "grateful" in Japanese, so that seemed fitting since we took him from the shelter.
Our newest furkid just came to us a few days ago. He wandered up to a friend's doorstep and she knew that she couldn't keep him, so I happily took the little guy in. Again I knew he'd be getting a Japanese name. After talking to some of my "local" friends and seeing how this little guy acts so much like a kid and is always annoying Yoshi....he was given the name Gaki Neko....Which translates more or less into....Bratty Cat....LOL. Each of our furkid's name seems fitting for him. Angelia M. James

More names

Your Cat's REAL Name [Kindle Edition]


My sister-in-law has three cats, but the name of one of her cats is Noseeme. I have never seen her because she is always hiding. I think this may be deserving your cat award. My sister-in-law is Lisa Sauberan in Gainesville, Florida. Thanks, Carla Sauberan


Hi...My kitten is a little over 2 mos. old. and from checking out your site, she looks to be a blue russian. Me and my kids named her Sally Ashes. Sally was the name I had picked, and the kids said that she looked like she just rolled around in the ashtray, so they started calling her Ashes. So she goes by all three names--Sally, Ashes or Sally Ashes. I also gave her a nickname as I was checking out your site...Baby Blue. Thanks. Jodi Wresh


My son and I were in the process of sweeping water away from our back door in order to prevent our house from being flooded during a torrential summer downpour, when my son spotted a tiny black and white kitten wading across our horses' paddock toward us. We discovered that his mouth was badly injured, and it later transpired that he must have travelled from a local farm under the bonnet of a neighbour's car, putting his nose into the fan on the journey. However, he was not in the least bit troubled by his injuries, which healed with no problem, and immediately proceeded to begin eating us out of house and home, gaining him the title of Greedy Muldoon. As he grew and put on weight he became Fatty Muldoon. This then bacame Spotty Muldoon, which is what his name has remained ever since. He is a wonderful cat and not satisfied with just eating us out of house and home, he also stole all our hearts. He loves nothing better than to sit on the backs of our horses. Diane Moore


We had a cat named Peaches. Not too hard, because the cat was orange. But, we weren't too smart, beause we took her to the vet (with her pink collar), and when she came out she became Mr. Peaches! Mr. Peaches had a beautiful home with us for 13 years. He is missed. Kathy M. Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Mr. Peaches' favorite family member, Max.


Siting here at the computer with my cat next to me that I had for the past fourteen years and coming across this web site while I was trying to look up something unrelated to cats and reading all the different cat names well mine drives them nuts at the vet every time my cat name is wolf yes wolf and it goes back to when I got wolf as a kitten it was the most unusual looking kitten I have ever seen and I could not think of what to name her yes wolf is a her had a friend came by and said I thought you got a cat that looks like you have there a little wolf cub not a cat I said you know you are right so I started calling her wolf and she seems to like her unusual cat name


My sister has just gotten a kitten & was asking for help with a name & that's how I got to know your site, but enough about me, I'm writing about my cat. My last name is Girardo, and I think the coolest tough-guy name/best buddy name out there is Vinnie. I didn't want to saddle my son with this name so I told myself my next cat would get this name. I drove all over San Diego looking for a cat that "fit" this name, and I found him---a silky black Bombay. He has this aura --that he is the king of all he sees, and he has no fear of humans or dogs for that matter. Vinnie seemed too "common" for him, so his true name is Vincenzo. When I take him to the vet and they call out his name, I've had other cat owners go "ooooh....that's a good name". He has a purple collar, purple leash (yes he likes walking with a leash), and purple ID tags as befitting royalty. He was raised with dogs and he thinks he is one. He likes having his tail pulled, enjoys being patted hard on the back, and just loves playing rough...if I could clone him I'd make millions. Even dog owners/cat haters have told me, "I like your cat." When he was at the shelter he was the only kitten that wasn't meowing, like he didn't need to. As the Pound rep pulled him out of the cage she said, "I need to tell you something, he has a birth defect...........his tail has been broken and is now fused in four places." The first words out of my mouth were, "That's even better, what else is broken?" Whenever I travel, my cat-less friends and even my exes fight over who gets to keep him while I'm gone. That's the truest test of a great cat.

A couple more names for ideas


This cat has known me from the instant of birth because I helped his momma birth him. (I literally helped 'pull' him from her as she definitely wasn't sure what to do herself.) He is jet black with a tiny spot of white on his chest and a few occasional sprinkles of single white hairs scattered on his front legs. (I would swear that he was jet black at birth and the white hair was caused by my 4 year old.) Either way, he now comes to the grand total of 18 lbs. He is also now 5 years old as of tomorrow. (His birthdate and name are my email.)
We decided on his 'real' name by accident. When he was about 6 weeks old, my children painted a garden stone for me. Bright fluorescent blue is the color they chose. When they presented it to me, our kitten acted strangely. He was afraid of this stone for some reason.
We experimented with him for a few minutes by holding him right above the stone and gently 'dropping' him onto it. He never actually hit the stone! He did some kind of 'pogo stick' jump with a little acrobatics thrown in and would land several feet from the stone. He was scared of it for quite some time after all this went on.
Then and there we knew he was a 'wampuss cat'. Wampuss cat stories are pretty common in the area that I live in. Old-timers would talk about the black panthers that roamed my area at the turn of the century and sometimes a little folklore is thrown in. In folklore, a wampuss is some type of mystical cat creature that is usually blamed for a lot of things that went bad on the homesteads.
Either way our Wampuss is a very dear creature to me. We understand each other. I can walk into a room where he's at and 'purr' to him and he just preens and struts. I am obviously very proud of my big boy. Cindy Bloodworth, Sebree, KY


Hi, I found your web sight while surfing to try to find out information about Tabby cats. I have had a litter of kittens and all were males except one. Three tabbies and two black cats that if you look closely, you can see those wonderful tabby stripes on the black ones. One of the kittens, a black one, was killed by we do not know who. Most likely by my male cat that runs the house. The four that survived are healthy and beautiful. The little black tabby that stayed with us is named Eight Ball because of the white spot under his head on his neck. We felt this was a name that suited him. Just wanted to share. Wish I had a working camera to share a picture. Thank you for having a great web sight. Linda Spaulding, Macon, Georgia

Naming the Cat


Hi. My cat is called Crappy. The reason for this is when we first got Crappy he crapped on my dad's leg when we were trying to think of names for him. Sarah Coots


Hello. My friend showed me your website and said I must submit my two cats' antics. Well they aren't really antics as much as funny stories.
Cat 1 was the first cat I got over 12 years ago. I rescued her from an abandoned apartment above me. Since I didn't know her name she decided to give me a clue to what to name her. I had ordered a pizza that night, and me never owning a cat, thought nothing of going to answer the phone while leaving the pizza on the table. I came back to find my first cat that I had for only an hour or so, standing in the middle of an open pizza box, licking the pepperoni and cheese off the top. Hence her name from then on was PEPPERONI. Her favorite food is still pepperoni and cheese pizza.
Cat 2 is a newer cat. I found this strange little friend at my job. I work as a paramedic for an international auto race circuit. I found the cat under one of the trucks with a broken leg. We got the leg fixed and he is fine and dandy but with one peculiarity. While most people tell me that cats shy away from loud noises, this cat just loves going to the racetrack with me. He rides on the back of my scooter or sits in the golf cart with me as I make my rounds. He just loves running around in circles chasing the race cars and hanging out in the pits. He will sit in the cock pit of the race car with those loud engines revving to high gear. Just loves it. Being also that he just loves to run around like a nut, we had to give him the only name that seemed to fit ZOOMZOOM. Sharon Richardson


We rescued a beautiful silver tabby kitten from the alley behind our local jail. We weren't sure of its sex but wanted to select a name that would suit either gender. We named it Ali Khat. We later learned that she was a female, so now we use the
call name Allie. Eileen Walden, Ashland City, Tenn


When we got married, my mother sent us a Japanese Bobtail kitten from her cattery. She was shipped by air with a pedigreed name that neither of us remember now. When we got her, she wouldn't come out of her carrier, so we left the door open, left some food & water and a litter box. Next morning, the cat was nowhere to be found, but we had observed a transfer of material from a) food bowl to b) litter box, after some processing. After a few days of having only secondary evidence that we actually had a cat, we decided to name her "Neutrino", after the elusive subatomic particles. Neutrinos cannot be directly observed, but can only be inferred based on the effects they have on their environment. It turned out that she had slid behind the books on our white bookshelves. Being mostly white herself, it was a good spot for hiding. Thanks! Nathan & Laura Sherman


My cat is named One O'Clock. She is "One" or "Oner" ("wunner") for short because it is clear who is number one around our house. One is a black and white tuxedo cat. Heather adopted One at the local SPCA, and the shelter listed her name as "Midnight." Heather decided that a new life deserved an extra hour. So she is One O'Clock. She was once Heather's cat. Now she is John's cat, but still a little bit Heather's cat. One O'Clock would want us to be very precise about this. H.J. Meeker and J.P. Beal

WELL, do you think your cat has been able to somehow communicate to you what its name should be, and based on the cat's nature, habits, and personality traits, you got the name right? And it's an unusual, unique, funny, clever name that you and your cat came up with and deserve an award for? And have it posted on the website for your family, friends, and the world to see? Then you can post your award on your own site!

Go to the following link and submit your cat's name, your name, and kitty's picture, and let's see what Fledermaus thinks :-)


This funny little bat grew into an impressive Russian Blue adult cat. Along the way he developed the uncanny ability to be a consultant on how to decorate a house with cat art. He recently wrote a Hub filled with his sage advice on the subject, taking into account the fact that the home owners were undoubtedly cat lovers and had some of the little darlings living with them. And he irresistibly threw in his sense of humor. Funny and Educating :-)

*Russian Blue Cat's Advice on Decorating with Cat Art* Hub


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    • profile image

      Jeanne Alter 

      20 months ago

      We have two cats... Becky fetched the first out from underneath a pile of wood. She felt sorry for the tiny black kitten hiding in the back, certain she was shy. I doubt the kitten was ever given a real name before her true nature was established.

      She would bite and claw anyone who came near her except my daughter, and once she left home, my youngest daughter took over caring and playing with her.

      In the beginning she had such an odd way of behaving, that we began to call her a psycho kitty since she would be purring one second, and attacking you the next... then she made this horrible noise... not like any cat meowing we had ever heard, so she became Screech, the Psycho kitty who would chase and retrieve earplugs, and loved fishing q-tips out of the trash.

      A cat who became as round as a bowling ball with stubby legs and looked like a third of her tail was missing... who adored black and green olives, and would growl as she purred while licking a favorite treat...

      Today she is nearly 16 years old, and is much thinner. She still makes the same awful noises, but spends much of her time sleeping on my stomach... happy as long as I don't touch her.

      Lately too many changes have caused her to pull out her fur, so she looks like a freshly plucked chicken on one side...

      Feeding her fancy canned food seems to cheer her up immensely... so we are hoping that she continues to live many more years causing grief and anguish for our two dogs, and other cat!

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I have Fester and Gomez

    • Thomas C Mill profile image

      Thomas C Mill 

      3 years ago from USA

      Very interesting selection of names! I chose the names Velma, Scooby and Shaggy for my cats. I found their names here:


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    ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
    Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)