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Funny Cat Stories and Funny Cat Pictures

Updated on May 21, 2014
Funny Cat Lizbeth
Funny Cat Lizbeth

Funny Photos

This is Lizbeth. It is not so much that she was a funny kitten - lively and active. But in front of a camera she came to life. She started talking to us!! I love this photo.

Annie Funny Cat

She seemed to think by leaning away from me she could avoid the flash
She seemed to think by leaning away from me she could avoid the flash | Source


Must be cats like to lean away from me. This is Chantal who had one green eye and one blue eye.
Must be cats like to lean away from me. This is Chantal who had one green eye and one blue eye. | Source

Garbo's Litter

The next photo is of Garbo's litter whose development is described another hub:

I loved this series of pictures. Washington, on the far left, got more and more annoyed with my husband's flash camera. His face tells it all.

Washington getting sicker and sicker of flash left to right
Washington getting sicker and sicker of flash left to right | Source

Flame and Friends

Flame, second from left with older foster kittens
Flame, second from left with older foster kittens | Source

My first story about funny cat behavior is about the kitten Flame. This little orphan was found alone when she was about 6 weeks of age. She was already eating canned food and did not need bottle feeding. We had her tested and everything seemed fine so I included her with my cats and other kittens I was fostering. I named her Flame because she had a spot of orange fur on her forehead in the shape of a flame of fire. I chose the name also because it represented her spirited nature.

Flame had a handicap. She had a crippled front leg she held up across her chest. The vet had considered amputation when first seeing her but I was dead set against it

Flame Holding Bad Leg Across Chest
Flame Holding Bad Leg Across Chest | Source

Funny Cat Flame

One morning my husband saw Flame in the back hall hunkering down surrounded by our full sized cats. He wasn't sure what was going on so he went to investigate. Turns out "handicapped" Flame was a "mouser." She had caught a small mouse [it is rare for there to be a mouse in our house!] and wasn't about to give it up to the adult cats. Small as she was, Flame was undaunted. However, we try not to let our cats kill anything so my husband attempted to get the mouse away from her and release it. He had a heck of a time but she finally let go of her prize catch..

I know catching mice is sort of gross, but for us it was funny that the cat who "maybe should have an amputation" was the one "able" to get the mouse and keep it away from the big cats.

Good View of the Flame

Flame with Teen-aged Cat
Flame with Teen-aged Cat | Source

Funny Cat 2

Smudge was one of our first fosters. Perfectly named by one of the Rescue board members, he was a long haired black kitten with a grey undercoat. He was the only kitten in the house and loved attention. He was very young - maybe 4 weeks - but was really independent and feisty.

My teenaged son was still at home. You can see how large he was and how small Smudge was by the photo below

Smudge and Son

Smudge Small
Smudge Small

Smudge Funny Cat

Smudge was not hilarious funny. He just was so feisty for his tiny size. However, he had one peculiar behavior I wish I had on video. He loved to lay flat on the linoleum and have my son give him a push. He laid perfectly still while he glided across the floor to my husband. Then he waited until my husband gave him a push back and he could glide across again to my son. Smudge never got tired of this game. Here is a photo of him after he had grown and was neutered and was ready to go to a good home.

Smudge Growing Up

Again in my Son's hand
Again in my Son's hand

Smudge Footnote

Usually we have to say goodbye to kittens and never hear again how they are. Often the first year, an adoptive family will write a note to thank us and give us an update. With Smudge we had an unusual experience. For three years they sent us a Christmas card with an update. By three years of age he had a luxuriant very long coat, still the smudge collar, and was big.

Smudge on husband's lap
Smudge on husband's lap | Source


Sherman came to us as an orphan. He was named after the little village where he was found wandering all by himself at about 4 weeks of age. As you can see he was born with not tail. He was adopted by a very nice couple. After a few years however, their jobs became high powered and they were working 12 hour days and Sherman was unhappy. So they, with great sadness, surrendered him back for us. We got to foster this wonderful long hair grey cat who perked up marvelously with more human contact. He was quickly adopted by another family.

Sherman in Flight

Sherman in Flight with Blizzard and Bizzy
Sherman in Flight with Blizzard and Bizzy

Sherman's Funny Game

I know he isn't the only cat who does this, but Sherman loved to lay on my husbands lap. My husband would open his hand wide and move it towards Sherman. Sherman would open his paws, legs as wide as he could to try to be scary and big. Funnier still was how big his eyes gog. Actually I think fear had no part it in. This game was practice for a later coping mechanism where cats arch their backs and make themselves look as big as possible to frighten opponents. Here is Sherman being formidable

Sherman "look how big I am!"
Sherman "look how big I am!" | Source

Arm in Arm

It is funny how often cat friends wrap their arms around each other
It is funny how often cat friends wrap their arms around each other | Source

Bigger Pile Up

Kitten Pile Up
Kitten Pile Up | Source

Remote Control

Sleeping foster kitten controls the remote
Sleeping foster kitten controls the remote | Source


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    • Bonnie Russ profile image

      Bonnie Russ 

      5 years ago

      Thanks, great pictures and stories!


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