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Funny Pet Stories: Snoball, Gretchen and Stinky

Updated on April 9, 2012

Funny Pet Stories: Snoball,Gretchen And Stinky


The urban legend in my grandparents neighborhood was that there was this dog named, Snoball that was owned by a family about 4 blocks away who owned a candy shop named after their white german shepard. My mother brought my sisters and I over to my grandparents house so that they could babysit us while she went off with my aunts shopping. My sisters and I was happy to go over to my grandparents house because our cousins Karen and Kevin was also over there.

We all asked our grandparents could we go to the candy shop and my grandmother told us as long as we stick together, go straight to the candy shop and come straight home. As we walked the 4 blocks we told stories to each other about Snoball, about how mean he was; so each of us was scared by the time we set foot into the candy store. We all ran up to the candy counter to pick out the candy we wanted and Snoball, came from around the counter and went up to each of us one at a time and sniffed our hands.

My sister and cousins and I were scared and the trembling and fear Snoball sensed did not help me, I was the last he came up to and sniffed me. I took off running out of the candy store like a bullet, with Snoball chasing behind me. If you can remember the scene from "The Wizard of Oz." when the cowardly lion ran and jumped out of the window when they were all making their request to the Wizard. "Yes, that was me that day in the candy store."

Snoball chased me to the corner and apparently turned around, gave up and went back into the store, I continued to run, terrified all the way back to my grandparents house. I didn't stop, I ran straight passed my grandparent who was sitting in the living room in the front of the house watching television and I ended up running out of the back door, fell down the back steps and fell into some mud. My grandmother ran to see if I was alright and she asked me what was I running from and where was my cousins. I told her that Snoball was chasing me and my grandmother told me that there was no dog chasing me. I was embarrassed a long time, boy was I a goof; I don't think any of us went back to that candy store again.

Gretchen, We Love You.

There was some neighbors that lived on the corner from us who had a mixed breed terrier, named Gretchen. Every morning my sisters and I would walk to our bus stops to wait for the school bus this dog would run up and down the fence barking at us as if she wanted to attack us. We never saw this dog because she was hidden behind a wooden fence. We would sometimes make barking sounds to tease her every time we pass her fence. That would make her bark more aggressively.

One day she got loose out of her yard and she ran over to us while we were outside playing in the front yard. She wanted to play with us and we ended up making friends with Gretchen. My sisters and I would always sneak food outside to her and feed her and this kept her coming around everyday. We looked forward to seeing her everyday after school, when we would go walking to the park she'd follow us and one time she even followed us to the neighborhood grocery store one evening when my mother asked us to go there to buy something for her. Gretchen once actually followed us into the grocery store and the manager fussed at us about it.

After coming home from school one day we noticed Gretchen didn't come over to play with us, so we asked one of the neighborhood kids where was she and he told us that Gretchen had puppies and she was in the yard. We didn't see her for about a few weeks and one day she showed up to hang out with us. My sisters and I were so happy to see her. I remember my sister Julie asking Gretchen, "Why won't you bring your puppies over so we can see them?"

The next morning when my sisters and I was getting ready for school, our mother told us to come out into the back yard because there was something she wanted to show us. We though we were in trouble over something and that was a very long walk to the backyard for the three of us. However, when we made it out there we saw Gretchen standing next to 6 puppies. The relationship my sisters and I had with this dog was priceless, we always wondered why Gretchen wasn't ours.

The Gretchen owners did not care much for Gretchen or her puppies, they didn't want the puppies and they were planning to have them put to sleep, so my mother called up her sister and asked her would she take one of the puppies. Luckily, she took one. We kept one of the puppies and the others we couldn't give away so they ended back over at the neighbors house.

For weeks we didn't see Gretchen and we once again asked one of the neighborhood kids where was Gretchen and he told us some sad news. Gretchen owners had her and the rest of her puppies put to sleep. For weeks we grieved Gretchen and still until this day I can't understand why some people are so selfish, that they would rather destroy a sweet dog like Gretchen then to give her to three little girls who was crazy over her.


Much like our dog Sampson, Stinky was a dog who loved garbage and the more garbage the better. He should have been named Oscar the grouch, the only thing that kept him from that name was the fact that Stinky was a happy dog and my sister Julie was very much attached to this dog. We were much older, teenagers. my grandfather got a dog from his supervisor at work. His supervisor didn't have time for Stinky anymore and gave him to my grandfather and my grandfather told us that if we take care of the dog we can keep him.

Stinky was a beagal, a very funny little dog that would make you laugh everyday. My dad and grandfather hated this dog, they did not know how to make him stop tearing up garbage in our yard and my dad said he was not going to put up with another animal tearing up garbage. My grandfather called up one of his friends that he went to church with and asked him would he like a dog. His friend told him that he would take Stinky, so my grandfather brought him over to his friends house. The humor in this story is that my grandfathers friend lived up the street not to far from our house.

Julie was angry when she found out my grandfather gave her dog away to his friend and in fact she didn't speak to him for two days. On the second day, late that night about 11pm, Julie and I kept hearing a dog barking, so we both went outside and saw that it was Stinky, trying to get into the yard. Julie and I was happy to see him, of course my grandfather wasn't, but he accepted the fact that Stinky wasn't going anywhere and he told us it was alright to keep him. We were glad our grandfather was dumb enough to bring the dog up the street instead of bringing somewhere far where he couldn't find his way back home.


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