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Funny Pet Story: Mouse In The House

Updated on October 6, 2010

Funny Pet Story: Mouse In The House

Having pet's creates some funny memories that you can cherish for a lifetime, and sharing those memories with others are always a pleasure to me. When we were kids, my sisters had one gerbil each and they kept them in a cage that wasn't so secure and every now and then the two gerbils would escape, running free through the house with my sisters and I tearing up the house searching for their gerbils, Alfredo and Thomas. Every other day this was a reoccuring event.

Here is where the humor of this story finally begins; we had a problem with a mouse that got into our home and my parents tried to catch this critter for the longest, with no luck in achieving this goal, they didn't give in to putting any poisonings down for mice because of our dear pets. No one likes a pesty mouse running loose in their home. The day my sisters gerbils broke free from their cage, we were like bounty hunters looking under every nook and cranny for these gerbils, when there was progress made.

My sister Debbie and I found Alfredo and put him in his cage and we continued searching for Thomas and in no time we caught him. About five minutes later, my sister Julie yelled out, "I got him" She had cornered something she thought was her dear Thomas. She actually pick up the mouse my parents tried to catch. My sister Debbie and I was standing there with our mouths open and in shock as we both uttered out, "Julie, we already found Thomas and put him in his cage, you have a mouse in your hands."

Julie screamed and dropped the mouse and he ran off. We all took off in different directions; I jumped on the bed, Debbie was on a chair and Julie ran into the bathroom to wash her hands. Well, my dad finally gave into the glue mouse traps to catch this mouse. He bought a better gerbil cage so that Thomas and Alfredo couldn't get out and set up traps in different rooms where he believed this mouse frequented often and there was success, the mouse took the bait and was stuck on this glue trap.

My dad wouldn't have needed to place glue traps around the house if our cat, Fabian would have been more of a hunter instead of a vain, I need a brush lazy cat. Thomas and Alfredo was definitely safe around Fabian, in fact I think they were all best pals. One evening I was curled up on the living room couch with a book and a bag of potato chips, I happened to had looked up to see Fabian jump up next to me on the couch. He had the glue trap, mouse and all stuck to his mouth.

I jumped up from the couch and the potato chips and book went flying up into the air, I ran screaming through the house, with Fabian chasing behind me. He was trying his best to get me to take the glue trap from his mouth and I was not going to touch it. He had to wait until my parents came home from grocery shopping to take it off. There are so many funny stories about pets that I want to share with you, so be sure to read; "Gretchen, We love you." "Snoball" and "Stinky."

What would we do without our loving pets, they are here for a reason and we should value their lives as well as we value the lives of any family member. We should protect, cherish, and give them plenty of love and affection. Spend as much time as you can with your pets and be grateful for them. Those funny moments are worth sharing with other people so start writing.



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