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Green Cheek Conures Will Take Other Animals Into Their Flocks

Updated on December 8, 2012

Tikko, the green cheek conure

Angel, the white fluffy

Two baby white fluffies

Three funny pet stories...

I have two pets, Angel the Bichon Frise, (little white fluffy dog) and Tikko the green cheek conure. I got Angel four years before I got Tikko so she enjoyed being an only child for quite some time. And if SHE could talk she would tell you she would much prefer to continue to be an only child.

When we, unexpectedly, brought Tikko home Angel was very jealous. She would wiggle and squirm trying to get between me and the bird. This was a major ordeal for Angel as she doesn’t want to be touched by anything that isn’t human. She will run from a bunny, a rat or small children (she doesn’t see them as humans yet). My grandchildren have small pets and they think its great fun to try to get Angel to like them. She, on the other hand, is a snob.

I decided to give Angel some chores involving her in the care of Tikko in hopes that she would start to become more attached to him. At first I allowed her to baby sit Tikko while he was sitting on the window sill inside the living room. I noticed that he wanted to snuggle with her and groom her but she wanted no part of that and would dart to the other end of the couch but would stay and watch over him, because I asked her to.

I never left them alone together until, one day, my granddaughter called me and was frantic about her rat named Bruce. She was crying and jabbering about a sore on his head that was bleeding. As I was in the other room trying to comfort her, over the phone, I heard a loud bark and growling coming from the living room, then total silence.

I went running toward the sound thinking that my little green bird was dead or at least bleeding and needed rushed to the vet. I mentally berated myself for leaving them alone.

What I saw, when I reached them, was Angel laying quietly, on one end of the couch like nothing had happened and a very wet, very disheveled little green bird sitting quietly on the other end of the couch. His little feathers on his head were wet and sticking up all over the place but he wasn’t hurt. I thanked God!

I snuggled Tikko against my face giving him kisses and hugs and promised to never let Angel baby sit again. Angel got in trouble for her part but not much because it was my fault that she was put in that position in the first place.

She is such a wonderful little girl! She knew how to discipline him without hurting him and she made that choice on her own. YES a dog CAN reason as she proved in that split second decision.

As Tikko grew he learned to call Angel by name and even told her when to go potty when to get down and to come here right now! Angel of course ignored him totally, as if he didn’t exist.

One day my son, daughter-in-law and grandkids were out picking the cherries off my two cherry trees and putting them in boxes to be divided between us. We spent hours out there and had several large boxes full to show for it. I helped them load theirs into their expedition and I brought my two into the house and set them on the counter, open.

I noticed I didn’t have any freezer bags so I grabbed my purse and car keys and headed out the door to the store. Angel usually gets to go with me but it was hot that day and I didn’t want to leave her in the car. Besides, Tikko gets really jealous when she gets to go and he doesn’t.

Tikko gets the run of the house as he is potty trained, can get in and out of his cage to eat and drink and if I’m not home by bed time he goes to bed by himself. He’s smart.

Ok, so I get the freezer bags, I’m back home and my son calls. He wants to know if he has to pit the cherries he is freezing or if he can freeze them and pit them later. As I thought about this I looked into the boxes of my own cherries and saw all these little bite marks out of a good number of the cherries on top! I yelled “Who’s been eating my cherries?!” and Tikko screamed” ANGEL! ANGEL!” That and my son asking me “Is that bird blaming the dog for eating the cherries?!” made me laugh so hard I couldn’t talk. My son and I laughed like idiots for about ten minutes before we finally had to just hang up.

My dog, Angel, loves chocolate. I know I know chocolate isn’t good for dogs. I hear it all the time and I don’t feed it to her on purpose. She will climb the highest book case, crawl into the tightest spaces, and stick her head in the smallest of purses to get it. Then before I even know its missing I find her stash under a pillow or a blanket somewhere and I don’t buy the cheap stuff.

Last Christmas I was making peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate for my son. It’s his favorite Christmas treat. Tikko was in his cage in the living room where I was dipping the candies, it takes forever. I dipped about 30 of them and decided to take a break and give Angel’s pups a bath, yes she became a mommy to three little white fluffies. I left the chocolates on the coffee table thinking nothing of it.

While I was toweling the last puppy off and putting her in their basket Tikko was screaming “Angel! Aaaangel!” so I went running for the living room KNOWING she was into something. She had gotten at least six of the chocolate covered balls and, I thought, ate them. As I was cleaning up that mess I heard her in the bathroom knocking over the basket the pups were in and they were sounding pretty excited about it, so I went to put them in their box and they were covered in chocolate! She was trying to share her bounty with her babies! Then I had to give them baths all over again. I locked Angel in the bathroom with us because now she WAS in trouble.

These are just three of my funny pet stories and explain why Angel still wishes she was an only child. I have a lot more but you probably had to be there.


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    • tigerbaby777 profile image

      tigerbaby777 5 years ago from Nampa

      Thanks so much Wolf! I keep thinking about getting Tikko a friend but I worry he won't love me any more! I'm selfish.

    • profile image

      wolf1980 5 years ago

      I now own two creen cheeks. I wanted to tell you that you arent the only one to have a hard time talking around these little critters. My tow dont like each other yet but the second is very new to the "flock." My fist one though, Lall, is one protective bird too. My friends cant touch me, much less walk around me, without this little protector going for them. I love my babies very much though and wanted to say your stories are touching and very accutrate on the advice.

    • tigerbaby777 profile image

      tigerbaby777 5 years ago from Nampa

      Thank you Peggy, aren't pets funny? They are a great source of comedy and love. I couldn't stand to be without my babies.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Cute stories. Thanks for answering my question with a hub. Voted funny and will share.