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Buy Furreal Butterscotch Pony: A Fur Real Horse - Christmas Gifts for Girls who love Ponies

Updated on March 26, 2011
How Big is a Furreal Butterscotch Pony?
How Big is a Furreal Butterscotch Pony?

Buy her the Pony, Furreal!

I was dreading the inevitable day that my little girl asked me buy her a pony, I knew it had to happen and there was going to be no chance that I could say yes.

Now, with the advent of the lifesize interactive and animatronic Hasbro Furreal Friends Ponies, I will no longer dread the day. Rather, I look forward to having my own walking talking Teddy Ruxpin doll to hang out with me and keep my daughters 'Pony" company.

Hasbro has created the ultimate in Pony fever abatement products, Butterscotch can support up to 80 lbs, responds to voice, touch and light in the environment and has a full range of movement. If you cant spring for a real Pony this is your surest bet to still get that new pony smile from your little girl.

Furreal Friends Pony
Furreal Friends Pony

Furreal Friends Butterscotch Pony

Below you will find a video that shows and outlines the capabilities of Butterscotch, The Furreal Pony. This is truly an amazing breakthrough in Toy Technology and has won several awards for innovation.

Examining the capabilities is a fun experience:

Butterscotch stands a full 3 feet tall and weighs approximately 30 pounds, she is an impressive toy and arguably a work of art. This is guaranteed to put a huge smile on your childs face when she first glimpses her pony standing next to the tree (she wont fit under) tail swishing and neighing.

Butterscotch has the ability to sense when the light goes off and will respond with a scared whimper, she also responds to petting by lowering and rubbing her head.

Your child can actually ride ,Butterscotch, and she will move in a riding motion when mounted.

The FurReal Pony has moving eyes, ears, tail and head, she whimpers, neighs and snorts!

Important considerations:

Butterscotch requires 6 D Batteries, make sure you have them and they are installed when you give this gift.

Butterscotch comes mostly assembled, but, and this is a big but! her head has to be attached, be sure you give this as an assembled toy, a young child may not react well to a lifelike horses head gift.

Butterscotch will go into sleep or power saving mode after it detects a period of inactivity with its sensors.

Hasbro Furreal Friends Pony Smores Pony

Smore's the FurReal Pony is a variation of Butterscotch. He has all the same functions, but Butterscotch is modeled after a Shetland Pony and Smore is not, he is a two-toned horse of another color.

Smore is a little harder to find than Butterscotch, so might be a good choice if a relative or sibling or little friend already has Butterscotch.

The price is also a bit higher, but the Amazon and eBay prices are significantly lower than the standard retail prices.

Furreal Friends Pony Accessory Pack - Pink
Furreal Friends Pony Accessory Pack - Pink

INCLUDES blue ribbon, warmers, blanket , grass and more


Furreal Friends Saddles and Accessory

The Furreal Pony comes with a carrot and adoption papers. Lets face it, the Pony will hold you over for a little while, but your little girl will want to play with and dress up her pony.

Hasbro has covered this need by creating an accessory pack that includes, leg warmers a blanket, grass for chewing and a blue ribbon.

Your little girl will be able to stage her own 4h show, the grass, well that is just another item to feed the Pony as they do chew and munch!

Saddles are also available, if you buy all the items together, you will save money as you will qualify for free shipping.

Not so fuzzy - With all the features!

Perhaps your kid thinks Ponies are for sissies?

Then get a Dinosaur! with very similar functions as the Ponies, this FurReal Dinosaur is mindblowing.

Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur(Discontinued by manufacturer)
Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur(Discontinued by manufacturer)

Loaded with cutting-edge animatronics features, Kota is a lifelike pet from the past. Kota will quickly become your preschooler's best friend, and his realistic features will leave kids in awe! Measuring over 40" long, tots can sit on Kota for some rompin' stompin' dino adventures. A hidden handle and spring-loaded seat provide a fun and safe ride. Kota's tail, head, eyes, horns and mouth are animated, and he comes with a fun music mode so riders can trounce along to dino songs. When he's hungry, kids can feed him special leaves and he'll be happy. Kota measures 21"L x 44"W x 28"H. Requires six "D" batteries, not included. Holds up to 60 lbs.


Cheaper Furreal Alternatives

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