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GPS Pet Tracking Options -No More Missing Pet Posters

Updated on June 29, 2012

Why use GPS Pet Tracking?

The use of GPS pet tracking has become a very popular thing these days.

After years of many pet owners putting up lost dog or cat signs all over town and often never actually getting their beloved pet back many owners have decided to go with a GPS pet tracking system so they never have to go through the drama and heartbreak of a lost pet.

Losing a pet can be tragic for both the owners and the pet. Often times the pet can be hurt or even killed before the owners ever find the pet, which is very tragic, especially if there are children in the home.

GPS Pet Tracking Chips

GPS pet tracking can save the life of your pet, and you will never not know where your pet it. There are a few types of GPS pet tracking available on the market today.

One option is a chip inserted into your pet that will keep track of them. This method has been available for yeas and many people use it.

However, using this type of GPS pet tracking can have its disadvantages. This option means you have to depend on someone else to track and find your pet, and then take them to a place with a Chip scanner to identify the pet before it can be returned back home to you.

GPS Pet Tracking Collar: Type 1

The other most popular option is a GPS pet tracking collar. There are two major types of these tracking collars.

The first type of tracking collar is one that you usually work with a company. You will be able to set an 'invisible fence' area for your pet. And they will be allowed to roam in that area. If the pet goes out of the set areas the company will send the pet owner an alert via mobile phone, email or text message. Sometimes they will do all three.

After the pet owner is notified that the pet is out of the set range you can log onto their website and find the location of your missing pet. Sometimes it will give a current location and other times you will have live tracking of your pet.

This will allow you to find your pet and bring them safely back home without having to depend on other people finding your pet for you. Which saves a lot of time.

This option usually has a monthly fee. The price of this service can vary from company to company. However you should be able to find a tracking service that costs $10-$20 a months. Usually with a 1 year contract.

When choosing a company you will want to make sure you know all the details. Such as their coverage area. Almost every company will claim they cover the whole country but most of them have blank areas. Make sure your entire area is covered.

Also look into the cancellation fee. A lot of companies have outrageous fees if you terminate the contract. Even if you do not plan to break the contract this is still good information to have.

GPS Pet Tracking Collar:

The next type of collar is one that does not work with a company but is just a set system. This works very similarly to the other type of collar but without the monthly cost.

This type of GPS pet tracking does not usually have a very large range that your pet can go. Usually this type of system only tracks your pet for 1-3 miles. These GPS pet tracking devices usually have a tracker that will notify the owner with a alarm type sound when the pet goes out of range.

These types of trackers can have up to a 30 hour battery life. And are cheaper then the previous type of GPS pet tracking. So if you are not worried about your pet leaving a 1-3 mile range then this is the obvious choice since it has no monthly fees.

However if you want something that is going to cover your pet more and you can afford the monthly costs the first GPS pet tracking collar would be the one to go with.

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