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Georgia Aquarium Is Breathtaking

Updated on March 29, 2014

Simply Amazing

The City of Atlanta has many wonderful tourists attractions. There is never a shortage of things to do whenever I entertain people from out of town. It wasn't until recently did a visiting friend want to see the Georgia Aquarium. I sheepishly admitted I had never been there and I had to get directions to find the place. I explained that I was not much on just watching sea creatures swimming around a big pool. In fact I looked upon most of them as dinner, or at the very least i pictured them at the end of a hook or in a net. Always the good host I agreed to go thinking at the very least I would get a nice T-Shirt or something. Upon arriving at the downtown facility I was shocked to see a huge crowd standing in a light rain on a windy and cool Saturday afternoon. Could this many people really be in to looking at a bunch of fish swimming around a tank? Absolutely and by the end of the day I was among them. What an incredible venue. The pictures I had seen did not do the place justice. The Georgia Aquarium is simply AMAZING!!

  • Located In Downtown Atlanta On 13 Acres
  • Opened In Nov. 2005
  • Claims to be the Largest Aquarium In The World
  • Houses More Than 100,000 Animals
  • Representing 500 Species
  • 10 Million Gallons Of Marine And Fresh Water
  • Employs The Top Biologists and Veterinarians In The World

Needless to say it was an eye opening experience for me. Very impressive exhibit of sea creatures unlike any that I had ever seen, in person or on television.

A Closer Look At The Georgia Aquarium

The World Famous Georgia Aquarium
The World Famous Georgia Aquarium | Source

Sea Creatures Beautiful And Healthy

Big Crowds At The Georgia Aquarium
Big Crowds At The Georgia Aquarium | Source

Sharks Anyone?

People can almost reach out and touch one.
People can almost reach out and touch one. | Source

A Photographers Paradise

There is a great picture wherever you point your camera.
There is a great picture wherever you point your camera. | Source

Downtown Atlanta, Georgia


It was a great afternoon at the Georgia Aquarium and there will certainly be a return trip to show off this wonderful facility. The only thing that kept it from being a perfect afternoon is the long slow lines. My only suggestion to the management at the Georgia Aquarium would be go have someone come in from say.. Disney World and give your staff a clinic on how to keep the lines moving and flowing better. Other than that it was a great day.


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