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German Shepherd The Ancestor of Seven Other Dog Breeds

Updated on March 1, 2016

German Shepherds are also known as Alsatian in Great Britain and parts of Europe, they are the one among world’s most appreciated dogs and most preferred dogs for police and military services. German Shepherds are an excellent dog for search and rescue and drug detection. Also, they are highly appreciated for their courage, intelligence and herding talent. Do you know German Shepherds are the ancestral stock for many excellent and popular dog breeds? Who were created to perform some explicit task and have unique and distinctive talent. Read this article to know them.

Belgian Malinois (variety of Belgian Shepherd)
Belgian Malinois (variety of Belgian Shepherd) | Source
Belgian Shepherd
Belgian Shepherd | Source

1. Belgian Shepherd

Belgian Shepherds are medium-to-large sized, sturdy and intelligent dogs, they are created from Belgium. This breed foundation was started since 1800 under supervision of Professor A. Reul of the Cureghem Veterinary Medical School by a group of dog fanciers and the first dog of this breed was created in 1850s, but the first recognized dog of this was created in year 1890. They are also known as Belgian sheepdog or Chien de Berger Belge).

They are an intelligent, quick learner, strong and energetic dogs and do well in obedience, search operations and tracking. Also, they are sturdy and athletic dogs and need daily long walk and regular exercise. They are most preferred to work as for watch dog and police dogs. Belgian shepherds are not recommended for an apartment life, but if getting sufficient exercise, then can do well in an apartment life.

Ansestors of of Belgian Shepherds
Ansestors of of Belgian Shepherds

Thye wre created by crossing between Dutch Shepherd Dog, the German Shepherd Dog, the Briard, and some other shepherd type of dogs and based on to their physical traits they are sub categorised to 5 other sub-categories.

  • Belgian Shepherd Groenendael
  • Belgian Shepherd Laekenois
  • Belgian Shepherd Malinois
  • Belgian Shepherd Tervuren
  • Schipperke

2. Sarloose Wolf Dog

Dutch breeder Leendert Saarloos started creation of a new wolf-dog breed in early 1900s. And the first dog of this breed was created after crossbreeding a German Shepherd Dog male to a female European Wolf for 7 generations. The Saarloos Wolfhound is strong and energetic and has a powerful neck, broad head, and long legs.

It has a wolf-like expressions, as well as a wolf-like head. This dog is not recommended for apartment life. It has lots of stamina and needs a lot of daily exercise. It’s a strong willed dog and need a very experienced owner capable of providing it the necessary exercise and discipline.

Ansestors of Saarloos Wolfdog
Ansestors of Saarloos Wolfdog

When Leendert Saarloos died in 196, foundation members continued breeding program as per his intruction and method specified by the Saarloos. The Dutch Kennel Club recognized the first dog of this breed in 1975 and In 1981 other major kennel clubs also accepted this breed.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog | Source

3. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a hybrid dog created by crossing between German Shepherds and Carpathian wolves. The aim to create this breed was to create a dog breed for Czechoslovakian army and police services that should be healthy, brave, fearless, and sturdy. A German shepherd and Carpathian wolf were selected for this project breeders wanted to have the strength and stamina of a wolf with the temperament and intelligence of the German shepherd.

Ansestors of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
Ansestors of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Now days The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is being used as a companion, working and protection dog. They are an aloof, shy and reserved dogs which do not welcome easily to the strangers and other pets. They need early training and socialization. They are an athletic, sturdy and courageous dogs, but they have wolf bloodline and signify dominating behavior. You need to be careful with them when encountering strange animals. They are not suggested for apartment life and need a firm owner.

Northern Inuit Dog
Northern Inuit Dog | Source

4. Utanagon (Northern Inuit Dog)

The Utonagan is an unrecognized, cross-breed dog developed from the UK, in 1987 by Edwina Harrison. They were bred by crossing between German shepherd, Siberian Huskies, and native Inuit dogs. Inuit were a natural hybrid wolf-dog which was naturally crossed with wild wolves and local primitive type domesticated dogs. Initially they were known as Northern Inuit Dog but later it was recognised as its individual breed and got a breed name “Utonagan”.

Ansestors of Utanogan Dog Breed
Ansestors of Utanogan Dog Breed
American Alsatian
American Alsatian | Source

5. American Alsatian

The American Alsatians are newly developed and recognized dog breed, from USA. Lois Denny (now Lois Schwarz) was the founder of this breed. They are a giant dog who looks like an extinct dire wolf. But contrary to their appearance, they are very friendly and great companion dogs and appreciated for its calm, friendly, bold and courageous attitude. Lois Denny started a breeding program in 1967 and in the first dog of this breed was presented in year 2000, after 10 years this breed got the its name American Alsatian.

Ansestors of American Alsatian
Ansestors of American Alsatian
King Shepherd
King Shepherd | Source

6. King Shepherd

The King Shepherds are the giant dogs who look like a bigger form of German Shepherds. They were developed by American dog breeders Shelley Watts-Cross and David Turkheimer. They created this breed by crossing between Newfoundland, Shiloh Shepherd with long-coated European lines of a German shepherd dog. The aim to found this breed was to create a superior companion and guard dog and the King shepherd has great talent to perform work and guarding responsibilities. Also, they are appreciated for police, service, as a guide dog, and to to search and rescue operations.

Ansestors of King Shepherd
Ansestors of King Shepherd
Lupo Italiano
Lupo Italiano | Source

7. The Lupo Italiano (Italian Wolf Dog)

The Lupo Italiano is a wolf hybrid dog created in Italia under supervision of the Italian government in the year 1966. The aim to create this breed was to find a superior native dog with better talent for search and rescue operations. As this dog was bred for, it has athletic, sturdy built, strong jaws, wide muzzle and scissors bite. Also Lupo Italiano is an intelligent and courageous dog. This dog is created by crossing between wild wolves from northern Lazio with German Shepherd. They are well adapted for work in extreme climate and in an elevated location. This dog is mostly used by Italians police and army for search and rescue operations as a sniffer dog.

Ansestors of Lupo Italiano
Ansestors of Lupo Italiano

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