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Getting Rid Of Pond Algae with UV Filters.

Updated on June 27, 2010

Getting Rid of Pond Algae Easily

UV Filters get rid of pond algae easily

Alot of people turn to algaecides and barley straw for ponds or all natural ways.  I agree to go all natural and to use barley but this filter is going to blow the algae right out of the water its called a UV Filter. 

How a UV works:

A UV sterilizer works by pushing the water through numerous swirled water chambers that kill any bad bacteria, like ich, fungus, and algae.  Yes that's right a filter that kills algae.  How it works is the UV rays strike the algae which then breaks through the organism's outer membrane.  The radiation reaches the DNA of the algae which causes a abrupt modification of the DNA and destroys the algae quickly and effectively.

The only thing UV sterilizers are good for algae wise is green water but the benefits of killing green water algae and bad diseases is worth it. The price you'll save in medication will pay for the UV.  Their are many kinds of UV filters some that are solo units and some that hook to your current filter.  Here are some that are for sale.

UV Filters that work

Price isn't everything.

Just think for only $100-$200 you won't have to worry about green water and most bad diseases I tell you what I bought mine for $250 and love it. Yes of course I have other algae problems once in a while but no where near like before. If it is a free floating algae at any point the UV filter will suck it up and destroy it.

Once your koi reach 8-12 inches they are like part of the family to the point you want the best for them. Losing three at this size will put you in the hole farther than the UV sterilizer will as well as paying for treatments to stop water ever killed them.  UV light filters can be used for tanks, salt and fresh and ponds of all sizes.  Also it's beneficial to keep a filter running on your pond so that it's keeping things moving and floating so it can be destroyed by the UV light.

Still Have Green Water Algae Destroy it Now.

So you want it to clear up faster or give the UV Filter a hand. Then you can use barley straw for Ponds to help soak up all the debri that helps promote algae growth because of excess nutrients. Barley Straw Pads for ponds is a great natural way of algae control that doesn't hurt your wallet.

Two things to watch for with algae are Phosphates and nitrates both are a food source for the algae as well as sun light. Getting Rid Of Pond Algae is easy as long as you don't have either one of these or low numbers of them present. If you are wondering if you do you can buy test to see if you have them present. If so water changes help reduce both of these but for large ponds you will need a phosphates remover and a nitrate remover and that will help destroy the food source. Controlling your feeding will also help reduce the nitrate and phosphates. Barley Straw Pads are the most effective natural way of destroying algaes food source.

Please leave some hints and tips please.

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