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Getting Rid of Pond Algae Safely with Chemicals

Updated on June 11, 2010

Pond Algae

Some Parrot Fish Getting rid of my Algae
Some Parrot Fish Getting rid of my Algae

Get Rid of Pond Algae Easily and Safely

 Getting Rid of Pond Algae is a tough and irritating job that no one wants to do.  I well show you what to use to get rid of your pond algae easily and safely even for your fish.  Here's what chemicals you can use.  Their are many different types of algae from green, brown, red-brown, slim algae and the nasty top green algae.  Each one has it's own way to get rid of it.

First before you use the chemicals to get rid of pond algae you will want to take as much algae as possible out.  The easiest way to get it out is to buy a pond skimmer or pool skimmer and skim it off the top or run it through it.  Your goal is to get as much out so the liquid can be more efficient in it's job.  Also make sure to turn of your filter or pump if you have one so that it doesn't clog up with lose algae. 

Second selecting the chemicals to use for getting rid of pond algae.  It's important to pay attention to the back to see if they are safe for pond plants or fish if you have either of them.  Next select a brand that is a well known if you don't know any ask a associate I also have some below that I recommend.  You can also buy them below. 

Third thing to remember is that the algae killer will draw oxygen from the water so if you have koi or fish start the filter or pump to help oxygenate the water.  Lots of people lose alot of koi because of this and this goes for any pond medication that you use.  Remember getting rid of algae should not be a nightmare all you need to do is pay attention and get a little dirty. 

Other things to remember are you can tint the water blue, or build a canopy or roof over the pond or the part of the pond that receives morning sun sense that is the strongest and your algaes best food source.  Also cutting back on how much you feed your fish will help reduce algae by reducing the excess nutrients in the water.  Using pond plants will reduce the food for algae also because it will out compete it for food.


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