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Top 100 Betta Fish Names To Consider

Updated on February 5, 2015

A very common way to name these fish is to use Japanese names from their culture. These are known as "Japanese Fighting Fish" you know so it only makes most sense to stick with their real culture. These fish originate in Asia and live in small ponds with little water movement. Remember that they also do no like super bright lighted aquariums. Male Betta fish are very aggressive with other fish too. They don't get the name "Fighting Fish" for nothing.

Trying to name a fish can be one of the most difficult things ever. All worries aside, we have listed the top 100 fish names here that you can browse and maybe find a great name from. I'm just copying the list of names from so I take no credit for the list.

Top 100 Fish Names from

Top 10 Unknown Betta Fish Facts

  1. Betta Fish Get Sick of "Betta Fish Pellets" for Food

  2. Feed them "Dried Shrimp" found in Turtle Food Section

  3. Betta Fish do not Need Bubblers for Oxygen

  4. 2 types Gills, Surface Breathing, Water Breathing

  5. Most Common Death to Bettas is Due to Water Clarity

  6. Males should not be kept with Other Fish

  7. Female Bettas can be Kept Together without Aggression

  8. Females Together at One fish per Gallon of Water

  9. ONLY FEED once a day, these fish Commonly Over Fed

  10. Lots of Problems occur with Over Feeding Betta Fish

Answer This Betta Fish Question

How Many Betta Fish Do You Have

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Proper Care Needed

Betta fish are a very common fish to have in home aquariums, but people do not take proper care of them when it is needed. These fish actually need very clean water and a lot of people just ignore that fact.

I hate when people abuse fish because they are just not educated enough to know any better. Do the education when taking care of these fish before you get the fish or at least right when you get the fish. That way it can live a very happy life.

Sad Story Of "All My Betta Fish Died"

Today I would like to share the story of all of my beta fish dying on me. I started out just like any other person desiring to buy some fish and I just decided to randomly choose some beta fish. I chose the female beta fish because I knew I could not put the mail beta fish together because they were fighting fish and they would kill each other so I did go with the females.

I got a 10 gallon tank and some of the drops to help make the tapwater out of my faucet safe for the fish and some gravel. I got everything set up and me and my girlfriend decided to go name ever single one of the fish and we had such a fun time with them for around two months. I could tell that the fish really enjoyed the space of having 10 gallons of water and there was only six of them so they had a lot of water to themselves.

It wasn't till around two months later when I decided that one of the fish was starting to get sick because it was super bloated. I did a little research online but not enough to determine to take the fish out which I found out was going to be a huge problem later down the road. Anyway one by one of the fish started to get sick and I've no idea what was going on.

I started doing a lot of research online and found out that something or some sort of bacteria was probably taking over my tank because I was not keeping it clean enough. Winnow and spent a lot of money on a nice filter and decided to stir up the gravel so that would filter through the water and even did a tank change of 70%. I gave it a couple of days to see if anything had changed off my fish were going to heal.

The first and second day nothing really seem to happen except on the third day I came out and all of my fish were dead. It was not a good site to see and I have been Pretty devastated about seeing all the fish die at once. And because my girlfriend was a little bit attached I could tell that she was a little bit sad too and it kind of got me worried about taking care fish because due to the fact that I wasn't even man enough to take proper care of some little fish.

I personally felt a little bit obligated that I didn't do something right and I kind of killed the fish on my own. It kind of sucks to admit but I felt like crap and I then started to do a bunch of research and made a pact with myself that I was never going to get an animal without doing proper research again.


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    • profile image

      Fishy1 5 years ago

      Female Betta fish only live for a few months because they get a build up of eggs in their stomachs which they can not lay themselves like other female fish do, they need a male betta to squeeze the eggs out of them, so if they don't have a male to do this the eggs build up inside them and they die.