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Giving All-Natural Food To Our Dogs

Updated on May 3, 2016

We are always trying to find the best ways to treat our pets healthy. In this article, we will discuss how we could change our dog’s diet from traditional industrial dog food into an all-natural balanced diet cooked by you.


Do Not Feed Your Dog Anything

Of course, it would be incredibly easy to just share what we do for ourselves with our dogs. Unfortunately, dogs have completely different nutritional needs than we do. For example, a 25 kg (55 lbs.) dog needs 1250 mg of calcium, 25% more than an adult man. Therefore, if we feed our dog the same food we eat, it is impossible that he meets his daily calcium needs. To get 1250 mg of calcium, it is necessary to drink 1.25 liters (0.33 gallons) of milk per day. It would not be very wise to do that. Just to make everything clear, it would may be impossible for our dog’s wild relatives to get these huge calcium amounts, but they actually do that by gnawing bones. Just make sure to never give chicken bones to your dog, because they could very easily choke.

A Balanced Diet is The Key

I am believe nobody would think it is correct to give their child junk food every day. The same way, we should always make sure that our pet is getting every nutrient he (or she) needs. We will not cover every aspect of dog nutrition so make sure you do all the necessary research before you change your dog’s diet. A general rule to split you dog needs is:

  • 35% carbohydrates
  • 30% protein (generally meat, but also eggs sometimes)
  • 30% vegetables
  • 5% viscera (liver, for example)

Following this guide, you should be able to provide a nice diet for your dog.


The Benefits of All-Natural Diet

There are innumerous benefits in adopting an all-natural diet for your pet. Just make sure you provide them with their correct nutritional needs. These benefits include:

  • Weight Control

With a balanced diet, your dog will always be at their ideal weight.

  • Better Digestion

Same as above, with a proper nutrient ingestion, your dog will have a much more regular intestine.

  • They Love It

There is no need to say anything. Dogs will choose real food over industrialized dog food every time.

These are just to name a few. As soon as you begin to change your pet’s diet, you will see the results. Just make sure to not change it drastically overnight. Start to mix homemade food into their traditional food until you replace it completely.


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