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Goat abuse

Updated on April 4, 2013

The natives of Awka residing in South Africa will celebrate the Easter without their regular Goat meat as the duo who went to purchase the goat was arrested by police on his way back and charged for Animal abuse. He is reminded in the Deventon Police station until Tuesday when he will be arraigned before a Magistrate.

It was alleged that the accused Mr. Ezeuzu was stopped by the police on routine check then found a life goat on the trunk of his car. An offense liable to six months imprisonment or fine of One thousand rands. The Police however was provoked by the accused ignorance and that was why he was even denied bail at the police station.

Police: Your driver's license please

Mr. Ezeuzu: Nna men, i dey rush make i deliver, my license dey for house

Police: What did you say?

Mr. Ezeuzu: I said that i forgot my licensee in the house

Police: Can i see your trunk please?

Mr. Ezeuzu: Na wah sef, sake of say i be 9ija abi

Mr Ezeuzu angrily came out from the car and opened the trunk of his car and the Policeman screamed upon seeing the life goat...

Police: Goodness me! Do you realize what you are doing to this innocent animal?

Mr. Ezeuzu: By the time i get to the meeting, he will realize what i did to him

The Policeman called his colleagues who were checking other motorists and after 15minutes of questioning and testing Mr Ezeuzu's alcoholic level, an ambulance was called to transport the goat to a veterinary and Mr Ezeuzu was subsequently arrested. He cried out as he was handcuffed and forced into the Police pick up.

Mr Ezeuzu: Biafra son is entering hell ooooooooo!!!!!


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