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Goaty and His Day in the Yard

Updated on November 16, 2009


Goat with an attitude
Goat with an attitude

A Day in the Life of Goaty

My little Goaty. What a treat. I moved out to my hobby farm 3 years ago. I have 3 "big" horses and 1 miniature. We added onto our pasture....the big horses stopped hangin' with the mini. The mini started pacing in his kennel (why is he in a 20' x 9' Kennel? Well that's a whole other story). I'd stumble out to the kitchen, grab a cup of coffee and just watch and watch and watch as he paced back and forth. It was time for me to take action. Went to a neighbor and he said "well, Farmer Bob has sheep AND goats. You might try him."

I drive over to Farmer Bob's house in my Mercedes SUV (no I'm not bragging, it's part of the story). I get out, Farmer Bob meets me before I could even step out of the car. Here was our conversation, and I'm not making this stuff up:

me: "you gotta goat"

him: "ya, I gotta goat"

me: "How much for that goat"

him: "$50.00"

me: " me the goat."

him: "follow me, you can choose one."

We walk together to the barn without sayin a are in deep thought most of the time and can't really be bothered by idle chit chat (I can say that because, well, my family are farmers...pretty quiet holidays). At any rate, I pick out goaty...he was pretty.

him: "where you want this goat"

me: "ya,just throw him in the back of my truck"

him: "What????!!!"

me: "I gotta a tarp down in the back....go ahead."

He loads the goat into the truck and I drive off. His original name was Bubba....because the screeching all the way home from the goat sounded like "Buuuubbbba, Buuuuuba". Now who knows maybe that was the Farmers name....I didn't check. Got home and I put him in his kennel with his new pal, Skittles, my mini. Skittles hates everyone but will tolerate Goaty.

Within his enclosure (the dog kennel), I put one of the primary colored picnic tables for toddlers thinking "He'll just love climbing on'll be fantastic...he'll be climbing and playing all day long. We won't get him off that thing...EVER." Okay so in reality, the only time I've seen it used was when I came home, he was stuck underneath with his head sticking out between the table top and the bench. Now how in the heck that happened I'm not sure. But I certainly dabbled with the idea of "gee, should I free him (he was not choking) or watch for entertainment as he tries to free himself." I chose to free him. He was so filled with glee....I could see it in his eyes.

His favorite game is to stand on his back feet and when I'm not looking put his front legs conveniently planted in the "trap" and shoulder blade area of my spine. Okay....he doesn't do this lightly so you can image what happens when you don't have our footing just right.

Recently, my fiance and I (well actually just my fiance....I was inside drinking coffee and "such") decided to give the kennel to our labs and fence in and area behind our detached garage. Protection from the elements yet appealing to the eyes when driving into our driveway. Well, one thing we didn't really think through is the fence is ONLY 4 feet high. Huh, interesting how there were no escapes from the dog kennel but suddenly now we have a YARD GOAT. From the first day, he was roaming around the yard, helping himself to our premium horse they looked on mind you. It was as if he were taunting them.....very sadistic. When full, taking a nap in my rhubarb patch between the dog's kennel the enclosure, he should have been in with Skittles.

Joe (my fiance) told me to look out the window where I see my shepherd playing with goat and the goat head butting her and eggin' her on. This went on for quite some time. Mia (The female shep) even had her paws around the goats neck for a 2 point take down, I guess. When the goat head butted Mia, Mia would grab a tuft of hair on Goaty's head and pull it....making matters seem worse. The playing stopped and I went out to see Goaty. He was muching on grass, moaning, because that's what he does when he eats....he moans....not sure if they all do that or just this one. I petted his head and it was all slobbered up from the saliva from my shep pulling Goaty's hair.

So, I step over to where Skittles is and it really appeared as though he was sad.....well hard to tell because he was eating and not even paying attention to Goaty. But I saw something in his eyes, perhaps hate. We'll never know.©


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    • TeaRish profile image

      TeaRish 8 years ago

      aw maaaan, he passed too? I'm sorry sweety. I knew you had 3 pass on you but in reading all these, I had forgotten to wait on the finding out who the 3rd was...

      Very entertaining life you have on your hobby farm!

      can't wait to come out and visit, when you'll have me!

    • Stimp profile image

      Stimp 8 years ago from Upper Midwest

      Since this story. Goaty has passed. Please give a moment of silence for this funny little monkey who gave us all a great story and a lot of great laughs. There is another Hub on his passing if you care to read it. if not, that's cool too.

    • Sandy Thorn profile image

      Sandy Thorn 8 years ago from Salem, Oregon

      I very much enjoyed this story. My fiance are working on a business plan now to establish a bison ranch, and we plan to have two goats on the farm, just because I LOVE them so much.

      I like your writing style -- I was entertained throughout. I am now a fan!

    • profile image

      Elise Will 8 years ago

      That is funny stuff! I can picture it. I could also hear the conversation between you and Farmer Bob...LOL

    • Stimp profile image

      Stimp 8 years ago from Upper Midwest

      At the top next to Stimp's pic, there is a link that says "Join Stimp's fan club". You are a fan, join it.

    • profile image

      Joe 8 years ago

      ??? Don't get it?

    • Stimp profile image

      Stimp 8 years ago from Upper Midwest

      and you're not a fan because......

    • profile image

      Joe 8 years ago

      That is a great story. Made me laugh re-thinking it. Now for your next pondering story you can share the one of me being dragged through the snow by the "little" mine.

      Can't wait to read the next chapter.

    • profile image

      Stimp 8 years ago

      Thanks for the comment, Carol. I really appreciate it. I write like this all the time because my farm, to my friends, is called Mayhem Farm. Lots and lots of animal stories.

    • Carol the Writer profile image

      Carolyn Blacknall 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Nice first hub. I feel as if I know you and we are already friends. Keep writing just this way. It is great. My only question is, can you add any photos? I haven't written any articles like yours yet, where you talk about a part of your life. Well, maybe someday. Take a look at my hubs if you want, and please comment if you have any suggestions. Keep up the good work. - Carol