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Golden Retriever Dog

Updated on October 9, 2008

The Golden Retriever dog is obedient, beautiful, and can make the ideal family pet. Golden's are also perfect for being used as a service dog, such as guide dog for the blind, as a tracking dog, or a narcotic detection dog. Golden Retrievers remain as one of the finest and most versatile breeds that you could hope to come across.

Before taking on a Golden Retriever pup, it is always important to first learn a bit more about the specific temperament of a dog breed. You could attend a dog show, meet a knowledgeable Golden Retriever owner, or even visit a local kennel club. Most people that own a Golden Retriever dog are extremely proud, and often more than pleased to show their enthusiasm to you.

Once it comes time to buy a Golden Retriever pup, it can be a great idea to locate a local puppy mill or back yard breeder. Back yard breeders are often one of the better ways to get a puppy, as they care and know a lot about the breed in question. Whilst you can visit a reputable breeder, back yard breeders are not simple in it for the money - they do actually care about the dogs and for you to get the finest Golden possible.

It's possible to visit the Golden Retriever Club of America, as they should be able to offer a list of reputable breeders in the local area. If those breeders do not have a Golden Retriever dog for sale, they are often more than willing to assist in finding what you are looking for. This way, you're able to get a Golden that comes from a reliable source.

Whatever course of action is taken, you shouldn't rush into getting a Golden Retriever dog. You ought to always take time, and have some patience. When you purchase the pup, you're after a puppy that's healthy that will develop to be a fine testament of this breed.

When you get the pup, you ought to be thinking long term. Only buy at a quality breeder, and you should not have anything to be concerned with. Always remember that you are not simple purchasing a Golden Retriever dog - you are taking on a friend and companion for life.

For more on the Golden Retriever dog, take a look at A to Z Dog Breeds, for information on temperament, health care, and training needs.


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    • profile image

      Monica_Steven 8 years ago

      I agree with you..Golden Retriever are the ideal pet for family. We have dogs at home since Im young..I love them

    • profile image

      Golden Retriever Checks 9 years ago

      I remembered when I bought my own golden retriever after reading Dean Koontz' "Watchers". I was truly fascinated by that dog in there (I forgot the name) & that's who I finally decided to get myself my own. Well, although, that dog in that book was genetically altered to make it "super". But nevertheless, my Rodney is really smart! I just love Rodney & I even put his picture on my new personalized checks which I bought from . Any golden owner might want to take a look at these. anyway, thanks for this great hub, arranwj! Thanks for posting it!