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Goldfish Come in Many Different Varieties: Pick Your Favorite

Updated on August 24, 2010


Goldfish have been around for a good long time. They are thought to have originated in China and can be found all around the world. These are the most typical sort of aquarium or pet fish. Goldfish are small members of the carp family. Because, they have been kept as pets for over a thousand years, there are now many different kinds of Goldfish available that may vary in size, color, fin kind and body sort. Goldfish are easy and hardy fish to maintain and make for nice pets particularly intended for kids. They might be kept alone or together with other fish in a larger aquarium.

Types of Goldfish

Common Goldfish: These are the most common kind of Goldfish and are available in various colors like Orange, Red, White etc.

Black Moor: The eyes are probably the most remarkable part about this Goldfish. They've incredible eyes that stick out from their faces. They are also termed Dragon Eyes in China

Bubble Eye: This sort of fish has eyes that point upward and weird fluid filled sacks.

Celestial Eye: This fish is very cute looking. It seems like it can be wearing sunglasses so can be a nerdy looking critter. it has a very cool split tail.

Comet: The Comet Goldfish looks a lot like the common goldfish except that it is smaller and has a split swishy tail.

Fantail: This Goldfish has a great deal in common with the Ryukin variety of Goldfish. It has a triangle shaped body.

Lionhead: This is an exceptionally nice-looking kind of goldfish that has a hood.

Oranda: Like the Lionhead, the Oranda also has a big hood that encircles its entire face. Not as pretty as the Lionhead in my opinion.

Telescope Eyed: Yet another Googly eyed species of Goldfish. This one is usually dark in color and does not look much like other Goldfish making it a very weird variety.

Panda Moor: This one does'nt even look like your usual Goldfish. A very unusual looking fish in general which has a large split fantail and protruding eyes.

Veiltail: This is a gorgeous fish that has a long swishy tail.


The coolest thing concerning Goldfish is their adaptability. They can be kept in small fish bowls, larger tanks as well as ponds and small lakes. There has been some misunderstanding concerning Goldfish memory spans. They have a memory span of a few months as opposed to a few seconds as originally thought. They will get used to their feeders and will eventually come and feed from your hand.

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