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Good Pets For Kids | Pet Snails

Updated on September 9, 2009

When I was a child, I always wanted lots of pets. I adored the company of animals and would have filled the house with all number of creatures had my parents allowed it. Unfortunately we only had a cat, but fortunately, the whole world is full of creatures you can come to know and love if you just pay attention.

As an adult I have kept rabbits, mice, dogs, cats, fish and more, but I believe most of my animal husbandry skills came from those very early days spent out in the bushes scouting for little animal friends.

If you love animals but can't have a big pet yet, don't dismiss the smaller animals you'll find living in and around your home. They will teach you a great deal about the animal kingdom, and if you just pay a little attention, they will fascinate you for hours on end.

This article is about keeping Pet Snails. Believe it or not, snails can make excellent pets. They are easy to keep, easy to clean, and if you are careful with them and have a suitable container, you can take them with you almost wherever you go.

Where To Find Snails:

If you look outside during a rainfall (take an umbrella!) you'll see snails climbing walls and gateposts to escape the floods. You can pick snails at this time, or, with a bucket, save a few of them from the rains. If you put the bucket in a dry, sheltered place and leave it overnight, the snails will make their way out.

You can also often find snails sleeping during the day on the inside of cinder blocks and other dry, safe, vertical spots.

How To Keep Snails

If you want to keep snails, you can do so in a jar or small tank. Be sure to provide them with fresh delicate leafs of plants, lettuce is an excellent food for snails, but if you don't have any lettuce, then you can also use the tender young leaves of other plants. Drop a few drips of water on them before you give them to your snails, so the snails have a water source.

Don't keep your snails too long. Yes, they might be cute pets, but they are also nature's wild invertebrates, so it is only kind to release them after a few days. You can always catch another snail instead and observe that one for a while. A few days in captivity will not harm a snail.

Snails As Pests

Now, not everyone loves snails as much as you or I. Some people think that snails are pests because they like to eat lettuces and other vegetables in the vegetable garden. These people put out bait to kill the snails, but it is entirely unnecessary. Snails can be kept off plants by using copper strips around the plants (the copper strips effectively give the snails a little unpleasant electric shock.)


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