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Good profit in the maintaining of a poultry

Updated on March 16, 2016

Comprehensive Guide of China


Ducks and poultry


Poultry holds on to No. 1 spot in state


Good profit in the maintaining of a poultry

Poultry includes the birds like chicken (hen), ducks, gees and turkey. Poultry farming is the term given to the practice of keeping and breeding chicken (hen) and other domesticated fowls like ducks geese and turkey. Poultry is closely related to the problems of nutrition. Poultry and poultry products like eggs are a rich source of animal protein and right kind of fat for food health. Ann egg laying poultry bird is called hen and the poultry birds groomed for obtaining meat are called chicken or boilers. Some of the indigenous hens ( desi hens) are : Aseel, Basara, Chittagong, Ghagus, Brahma and Cochin. Some of the disadvantages of the indigenous hens or desi hens are that they are small, slow growing, and lay small – sized eggs and less number of eggs. The average egg production of a desi hen is about 60 eggs per annum which is very poor. The desi breeds of poultry birds are also less efficient in providing meet. The advantages of the indigenous breeds (desi breeds) of poultry birds like hens are that they are hardy (strong) and posses natural immunity against common diseases.

A large number of poultry birds have been imported, bred and acclimatised to local conditions in our country. Some of these are excellent egg layers while others are good meat producing birds. The high egg – yields exotic breeds (foreign breeds) of poultry birds (hens) which have been successfully acclimatised in India are : White Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Black Minorca, Plymouth, and light Sussex. White Leghorn is one of the most popular egg breeds all over the world. The local varieties of hen have been cross – bred with the high -yielding varieties of foreign breeds to obtain new breeds which combine the good characteristics of both the breeds.

The new, improved breeds (hybrid breeds) of poultry birds, lay more eggs, bigger sized eggs, and or more resistant to diseases. They also grow fast and give more meat. Some of the improved, high – yielding breeds of poultry birds developed in India by cross – breeding indigenous varieties with the foreign breeds are: ILS – 82, B- 77 and H H -260. the ILS – 82 and B- 77 breeds lay about 200 eggs per bird annually, whereas HH- 260 breeds lay up to 260 eggs in one year. These improved breeds of poultry birds eat less feed, mature early, and have a low death rate.

For example- These improved breeds of hens eat about 2 kilograms of feed for producing a dozen eggs whereas the original desi hens consume as much as 6 kilograms of feed for for producing the same number of eggs.

The indigenous breeds (desi breeds) poultry birds are also less efficient in providing meat, whereas the new improved breeds eat less feed but provide more meat. For example, indigenous chicken (desi chicken) eats about 5 to 6 kilograms of feed to give one kilogram of meat whereas the improved breed of chicken consumes only 2 to 3 kilograms of feed to provide the same amount of meat. Thus, it is more economical to rear (bring up) improved breeds of poultry.

i) Viral diseases: Fowl pox; Ranikhet (or New castle disease). ii) Bacterial diseases: Fowl Cholera, Salmonellosis, diarrhoea of Chick, Coryza. iii) Fungal diseases: Aspergillosis

Poultry Farming



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