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Good reasons to get a hen house

Updated on September 6, 2009

You could save money.

Obviously it's not going to happen over night. There will be initial investment to be made when you're in the process of setting up your hen house. That will depend on such things as whether or not you build your own hen house an if you use recycled materials to do it.But you will be producing your very own organic, free range eggs or at least your chickens will. That’s going to save money compared to going to the super market so you'll be saving money in the long run. You will also surely notice the difference in quality and flavor which will be far better in your own home produced eggs when compared to store bought battery farm eggs.

recycling and free fertilizer

Naturally your chickens are going to produce waste and you can use it to fertilize your growing plot thereby nourishing the plants and vegetables you will be growing. Don’t forget though that you can’t just go spreading fresh chicken poop on your garden. It will first need to be composted along with suitable kitchen waste as well as other waste from the garden such as weeds (not seed heads) grass cuttings and even old newspapers. It's free natural nourishment.

You will be able to feed some of the waste from your kitchen to your hens and as we said chicken waste can be used to fertilize your vegetables. How’s that for recycling. And you could save money on chicken feed.

Low maintenance

Chickens are definitely not high maintenance girls. You're not going to be running around after them day and night. They don't need washing, brushing or special grooming routines. If you look after their basic needs and wants, essentially that’s giving them food, water and shelter they should be happy and contented chickens. Of course you will have to clean out the hen house but that's not a chore you'll have to do every day.

Sheer pleasure

You'll get the pleasure of raising your own chickens collecting and eating the eggs from your own hens. There’s joy to be had from watching the chicken’s scratching around in the yard. If you’ve got kids or grand kids they will certainly love watching the chickens and feeding them and collecting the eggs. Though they may go off eating chicken when they make the connection between what they’re feeding, and what they’re eating. You'll get the satisfaction that comes from every bit of self sufficiency you achieve. You'll have the pleasure of the great tasting eggs, t5he satisfaction of your "double whammy" recycling, feeding waste to the chickens and then using their waste to grow food. and you'll have the immense satisfaction of raising and keeping your chickens in conditions which are far better than those experienced by battery hens.


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  • mega1 profile image

    mega1 8 years ago

    Good advise if you've got the space - watch out for predators tho - and if you feed them their eggshells they may start eating their own eggs! yuck.