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This spray on product will remove skunk spray in minutes!

Updated on October 5, 2012

Now remove skunk spray from pets, humans and clothing in a matter of minutes

If you live in the country, hunt, camp, hike, or work in the outdoors, where you, a child or a pet could encounter a skunk, you need one of these skunk odor removal kits available to quickly clean up after an encounter and get back to normal.

Believe me when an encounter occurs you are willing to do or pay anything to get rid of this horrible eye burning stench out of your life. Just imagine the continuous smell that occurs when you drive by one that has been hit on the road concentrated on your pet, child or in your carpet.

We live on a small acreage in Texas, and as they say all things are big in Texas including a large growing population of skunks. It is not at all uncommon for our indoor dog to encounter a skunk during her outdoor potty breaks at least twice per year. It always occurs late in the evening or early morning when we are half asleep and don’t realize what has occurred until she bolts into the house and starts a full rub off in the middle of the living room floor carpet.

There is nothing worse than to have your whole world turned into literally a stinking crisis. It’s on the dog, in the carpet, and now even on you and the family after chasing the dog down to drag her out of the house. Just trying to breath becomes difficult

Our first encounter occurred about 8 years ago. We grew up in the country but never actually had an encounter with a skunk. Fortunately the dog never got into the house that time, if she had, we would probably had to yanked up all the carpet that she came into contact with. We just didn’t know any better. All the things we studied to remove skunk spray were a bath in tomato juice and to bury any clothing or articles that came into contact with the spray.

We drug out all of our tomato juice and started to clean the dog. After about 4 hours in the middle of the night and into the early morning hours we finally reached a point we ended up leashing her to a tree, went to bed and started over the next morning. After a few more shampoos we were finally able to move her to the garage, and then after a week allow her back into the house. We just had to trash her collar and expensive electric fence receiver.

We went on the Internet to see if there was a better way. We found a recipe and bought the ingredients to keep on hand. After the next encounter we were a bit better prepared but it still took hours of cleaning to get the skunk smell removed completely.

Then we finally found an amazing product that we have been so impressed with, we now always keep a kit on hand and even carry it on our back-to-basics web site for others. It removes the skunk odor on pets, clothes carpets and other surfaces in just minutes. It does not cover the odor up; it actually eliminates it to where you can have the dog back into the house or in a truck with you in just a few minutes.

The kit contains an 8 oz soaker to hit the most saturated areas, a 32 oz spray bottle to hit light areas such as carpets and other items the dog has came into contact with, and a 8 oz shampoo that can be used even on humans with sensitive skins.

The last encounter between our dog and skunk was a light spray on her nose. We were able to use only the soaker on a rag to wash around the nose and eyes, do another sniff test to discover some was on the collar. We sprayed the collar and the dog was back in the house with us in a matter of minutes. We did not have to stop everything and begin ongoing shampoos.

You can order the skunk odor removal kit for $44.95 at Cottage Craft Works


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