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Great Animal Charities

Updated on June 15, 2012
Giving is important at Christmas...remember your animal friends.
Giving is important at Christmas...remember your animal friends.

Are you an animal lover? Do you want to make a difference?

Make a donation to any of these great charities and help pets and wildlife.

*BEST* Ontario SPCA - For over 100 years the Ontario Society for the Provention of Cruelty to Animals helps all animals in Ontario, dogs, cats, small pets, farm animals and wildlife. They operate 25 Humane Societies and are affiliated with 31 more.

The OSPCA's role is to "encourage humane and suitable animal care; call attention to unacceptable practices that harm animals; investigate cruelty complaints; carry out rescues; bring perpetrators of cruelty to court; advocate for humane laws; and provide care to all animals in need."

Very easy to donate online or in person at your local animal shelter. Visit the shelter with your kids and teach them about the responsibilities of having a pet. Or volunteer your valuable time petting cats and walking dogs.

Nature Conservancy - A non-profit group that partners with landowners to actually buy acres of land in Canada to protect the natural environment. Since 1962, NCC and its partners have conserved more than two million acres of land. This is a great charity to give to if you want to actually save real land and give wildlife a chance to be at peace.

Ontario Nature - Help protect wilderness and wildlife by donating to Ontario Nature or purchasing items and magazines from their online store. Formerly the Federation of Ontario Naturalists, they act as nature's voice and work to increase the public's knowledge of the importance of nature. Great place to shop for Christmas gifts for the nature lover in your family.

WSPA - An animal charity that works locally and nationally to end cruelty to animals. The world's largest federation of humane societies and animal protection organizations, located in more than 154 countries. Donate to WSPA to spread your generosity to animals all over the world.

Project Jessie - A rescue network for stray cats and dogs that are vulnerable to being sold for research. Operated by the Animal Alliance of Canada, it works to effect municipal and provincial bans on animals seizures for research. If you disagree with animal testing, donate to this group.

To search for a reputable animal charity in your area please visit:


Charity Village

Remember, every little bit counts to these charities. They depend on your support.

Think about starting a toonie jar. Put your loose toonies in the jar every night when you empty your pockets. Faster than you know, you'll have $50 to give to a great cause.


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    • profile image

      Animallover 5 years ago

      I think animals should have good money donated to them,

      my cat has a broken toe and I love her sooooooooo much and want to donate as much money as I can.

      Animals have feelings, they're like us!

      Some people think they're just, well, animals!

      And don't have feelings! But, I bet you on my life they do! So, I am going to raise as much money as I can for them!


      Please raise money for them!

    • profile image

      romani wright 7 years ago

      this is sooooooooooooooo sweeet anything to help animal i would do it totally :)