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Great Dane Beds

Updated on July 23, 2012
Great Dane beds take up a lot of space.
Great Dane beds take up a lot of space. | Source

Dog Beds

I shopped for Great Dane beds today in three local stores but was unsuccessful. Oh, they had plenty of dog beds, but they didn’t have any extra large dog beds that would accommodate giant dog breeds. Most of the dog beds I saw were the small, cutesy type that my boys might be able to use as pillows. Right now, the dogs sleep with us at night. During the day, one pooch sleeps on the leather couch in the office, and the other one naps next to me, wherever I am at the time. Their daytime habits probably wouldn’t change with the introduction of new dog beds, but perhaps we could reclaim our human beds. When we dog-sit our grandpup, a Great Dane named Kayla, I often find three Danes in bed with me! Can you imagine how little space that leaves for me? Even worse, I’m a large person. Even so, I’ve learned to sleep in a very small amount of mattress. That’s why I’ve been shopping for dog beds. Yes, Great Dane beds are definitely in our future!

Great Dane dogs are huge, but they're gentle giants.
Great Dane dogs are huge, but they're gentle giants. | Source
My Great Dane.
My Great Dane. | Source
Hubby's Great Dane.
Hubby's Great Dane. | Source
Hamlet prefers a mattress to sleep on at night.
Hamlet prefers a mattress to sleep on at night. | Source

Great Dane Dogs

Great Dane dogs can be huge. We have two at the moment, but I’ve owned several in the past. We’re so used to our boys that we don’t really how truly large they are until we see them next to other dogs. It’s impossible not to compare sizes in such a situation. When I’m around labs or German shepherds now, those canines look small to me. After all, compared to my two furkids, they are small. In fact, the tallest dog in the world is a Dane.

Great Dane dogs, like most other giant breeds, have special needs. For one thing, they often have joint problems. When you consider the physical makeup of a typical Dane, you probably won’t find this surprising. A Dane can easily weigh 150-200 pounds, yet they have long, slender legs. Those thin appendages have to support a massive amount of weight. With older dogs and overweight dogs, the problems are usually even worse.

Kayla on her dog bed.
Kayla on her dog bed. | Source
Grendel's couch.
Grendel's couch. | Source

Great Dane Dog Beds - Extra Large Dog Beds

Obviously, Great Dane dog beds should be extra large dog beds. You have to be careful here, though. Different manufacturers have different ideas about sizes. This is true not just for dog beds, but for other pet supplies, as well. I speak from experience. As a Great Dane aficionado, I’ve ordered lots of stuff for my dogs online, and I learned that the terms XL or XXL are relative. I’ll give you a specific example. I ordered a couple of doggie coats to keep our Danes warm in the winter months. The manufacturer listed the dog breeds that the coats would fit, and they were all giant breeds, including Great Danes. When the coats arrived, we tried them on the furkids. They came nowhere near fitting our dogs. By the way, our Danes are about average size for the breed.

When you’re shopping for Great Dane dog beds, my advice is to pay special attention to the measurements listed. Draw the dimensions of the dog bed onto something flat and have your pet lie in the area. This will give you a good idea about whether or not the bed will be large enough for your Great Dane. Most Danes like to stretch out, so there should be enough space for those long legs, too. And make sure the bed has enough padding or filling. Danes need it for bone and joint support.

Corner Dog Beds

Corner dog beds often make good Great Dane beds, as long as they’re large enough. Extra large dog beds that are expansive enough for giant dog breeds take up a significant amount of real estate. Unless the rooms in your home are really large, that can present quite a problem. The dog bed might always be in the way of the normal, routine comings and goings within your home. You’ll find yourself constantly tripping over it or walking around it.

Corner dog beds might be the solution you seek. As the name suggests, these dog beds are designed to fit into a corner, out of the way of traffic. Having the bed in the corner of a room has another advantage, too. Since two walls will border the bed, it will give the dog a more secure feeling. Your pooch will have its own protected space, away from floor traffic.

Dog Cots

Many owners prefer dog cots for their pets, and they often make good choices for giant dog breeds. As I’ve already mentioned, most giant dogs are prone to painful and stiff joints, and they might have trouble getting up and down. If your large dog has a problem lowering or raising itself from the floor, dog cots might be the best solution. Since these beds are elevated, the dog will get sort of a “head start’ with lying down and getting up. Think about how much easier it is for you to get off your bed than it is for you to get up from lying on the floor. Now, apply this same reasoning to your dog.

Dog cots have other advantages, too. Many are orthopedic, with just the right amount of support, being comfy yet firm. They’re super easy to keep clean, too, as most brands and models can be wiped down with soap and water. And since there’s no stuffing or filling, the beds dry quickly.

Cheap Dog Beds

When it comes to cheap dog beds, some owners get pretty creative. If you have a toy poodle, a pillow can make a dog bed. It would take one heck of a pillow to serve as a dog bed for Great Dane dogs, however! Still, there are some cheap dog beds in the giant dog breeds category, if you put on your thinking cap.

I know a Great Dane breeder in Atlanta who uses twin bed mattresses for her dogs. She doesn’t bother with the box springs or frames. She just places the mattresses right on the floor. The breeder covers the mattresses with fitted mattress pad covers and fitted sheets, and they can be removed for laundering. Oftentimes, you can pick up a used twin mattress for just a few bucks at thrift stores. Used futon cushions can also be used as cheap dog beds. The pads can be placed right on the floor.

Cheap dog beds can also be made from cushions from an old sofa. For giant dog breeds, you’ll need to find a couch with one long, single cushion instead of divided cushions. In a pinch, you can even make a Great Dane dog bed with a sleeping bag. For extra padding, insert an inflatable air mattress or pool float. Heavy gauge floats work better, and the sleeping bag needs to be thick to protect the air mattress or float from the dog’s nails. If you use your imagination, I’m sure you can come up with some more innovative ideas for Great Dane beds!


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