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Great Dane Training - Great Training Tips

Updated on July 13, 2011

Great Dane training can be one of the most rewarding things you do with your new (or old) pet. Not only will you wind up with a better pet, you will establish a strong bond with your dog as you go through the training. It is important that you start training your dog as soon as possible because every day you wait is one more day you have to put up with aggression, biting, barking, chewing, jumping, and bathroom "accidents".

Great Dane Training

Great Dane training can easier than with many other breeds. They have a natural tendency to bond with people and can make excellent life long friends.  A great dane will come up to you for no other reason than to get your attention and love. They will crave your attention and don't usually fare well when left alone outside.  Great Dane training requires you to establish the hierarchy or your dog will try to exert its will and not be as receptive to your commands. Once they are shown who is boss, they are more than happy to be subservient as long as you give them the attention they crave.

Great Dane Behavior Problems

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