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Great Deals on Decorations for the Fluval Chi

Updated on April 17, 2011

Fluval Chi Aquarium

The Fluval Chi is a brand new aquarium made by fluval with all of your state of the art aquarium filter and supplies. This unique design makes your eyes pop with it's uniqueness from all other fish tanks. I remember seeing a tank just like this years ago that was a 50 gallon and it cost $1200 dollars to buy that's not including professional setup. Finding ornaments for this tank can be difficult. I love decorating this tank with the Fluval Chi theme. I place buddha statues in this tank to add to the peaceful waves it puts off. You can get the Fluval Chi Aquarium here. Their are tons on plants and ornaments that can be placed in it. Do you want a saltwater tank but not all the hassle of it. Then you can place saltwater ornaments in you Fluval Chi to give it the Saltwater feel.

Fluval Chi Plants

The Fluval Chi is a fish tank that you can decorate with practically anything. If you lie plants then neon plants look great in this tank. My favorite is the glow in the dark plants around the Buddha statues. If you like a all natural tank set up the fluval chi is perfect for light to get into the tank but just keep an eye on the algae. I also like to put a 1/4 tsp of miracle gro in the live plant tank to give it a added boost of growth. The glow in the dark plants are a great addition for a kids bedroom because it can act as a night light but not bright enough to keep the kids up. Both these are great sets of plants so take a look at them.  You can also take a look at the Fluval Edge Aquarium for another great tank for these ornaments.

Marimo Moss Ball in the Fluval Chi

The Marimo Moss Ball is a free floating algae ball that displays behaviors unlike other plants according to it's change in habitats. What is great about this plant is that it floats up to the top of the water during the day for the sunlight and sinks back down at night time. Photosynthetic causes the moss ball to float because of lighting which helps it make food for the moss. Also in their native water in the lake the Marimo Moss Ball are also known to catch under currents to get to more lighted areas. Also some Marimo Balls are reaching 100 years old and they grow up to 10-12 inches in diameter which is huge.


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