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Great Deals on Kong Time and other Kong toys!

Updated on January 24, 2011

Kong Time and other great Kong toys!

 Isn't it time that you introduced Kong Time to the dog in your life. For some years now the dog owning community have recognised Kong as being one of the best dog and puppy toy providers in the world. Kong toys are made with a innovative super-bouncy natural rubber compound that most dogs find irresistible, leaving them eargerly awaiting Kong Time . The strength and durability of this rubber promotes and encourages a dogs natural chewing instinct.

The majority of dogs today live very domesticated lifestyles, without the need to work for their food. Natural hunting instincts are often unencouraged and the dog loses the physical and intellectual challenge that hunting for itself would normally provide. More importantly this suppression of instinct can lead to behavioural problems. Kong toys change all this by providing a fun and challenging way for your dog to 'work for his supper'.

On a more practical level, Kong toys and particularly the popular 'Kong Time' can provide ample distraction and entertainment for dogs during the unfortunate times when it is left alone at home for any period of time. Below is a range of the great Kong toys on the market along with some great Internet deals for them.

Kong for your puppy!

From their early months, your puppy can benefit from one of the kong toys. The Kong teething stick for puppies has innovative Denta-ridges that gently clean teeth and soothe sore gums.

To enhance your puppies enjoyment of this Kong toy the grooves can be filled with puppy easy treat. Easy treat is great for enhancing the effectiveness of Kong Toys and the puppy version is especially formulated to be knid to puppies tummies!

Even more flexible than regular Kongs, a range especially flexible has been designed. For the smallest of puppies these toys help promote healthy jaw development and can be a useful training aid as well as reducing separation anxiety.

Classic Kong Toys for your dog.

Super bouncy and irresistible the classic Kong provides endless entertainment for dogs. Fill it with their favourite treat to provide your dog with a fun, rewarding toy. Five different sizes are available to match your dogs size and chewing habits. For the dog with an insatiable chewing appetite it might be time to try the Extreme Kong! Specifically for larger dogs, the Extreme Kong is used the world over by police dog training teams!

Kong toys and games for your dog!

 Dogs have strong hunting and playing instincts. They ar rarely happier when playing outdoors in games that  involve these instincts. There is a range of Kong toys specifically designed for playtime that your dog will love. Made with Kongs exclusive soft rubber, the Kong flying disc flies accurately to encourage and develop those fetching and catching games with your dog.

Kong Tails is a great interactive toy with tails that make tugging, chasing, tossing, catching and shaking games a lot more fun for your dog and owner alike. The rugged tails will catch your dogs attention and be enjoyable for your dog to shake, whilst the strong looped handle makes tugging games comfortable.

For dogs that love water, the Kong Aqua is a must-have retriever toy. Great both in and out of the water, this highly buoyant toy will easily become one of your dogs favourite toys, bringing Kong Time to the water!

Kong Time - The ultimate dogs toy?

 There is little more distressing for either a pet or its owner than having to leave your dog at home for extended periods. A bored dog is not a happy dog and boredom can lead to behavioural problems and damaged property. Kong toys used in conjunction with treats can provide hours of entertainment for your dog.  For longer periods, Kong Time can be a great toy for your dog. Releasing a small treat loaded Kong at pre-specified intervals, Kong Time takes away a lot of the anxiety and boredom associated with long periods at home.

Another great treat dispenser is the Kong stuff-a-ball. A superb toy that can be loaded with  treats to provide play and foraging-style activities for your dog. It will keep them busy whilst promoting healthy teeth and gums. A brilliant tool for providing your dog with an enriching and challenging environment.

Other kong toys for the dog in your life


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