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Great Wheat Free Dog Treats

Updated on April 15, 2011

Confused On What Wheat Free Dog Treats To Get

So anyone becomes confused about what to get your dog if they have allergies to certain things in foods. We all look at the price of food at the vet and cringe when we see that final bill. Well buying dog treats and foods has become alot easier becuase more companies like

List of dog treat companies that make wheat free dog treats:

Blue Buffalo
Dr. Woofrs
Great Life
Companion Natural Food
My favorite: Grandma Lucy's
Cloud Star
Sam's Yams

have all switched to or started making wheat free dog treats that are a reasonable price about half of what the vet will charge you. These are great makers of treats for dogs with allergies. Like I said my favorite is grandma Lucy because it's a baked dog treat in a bakery not a huge producing company that just makes them as fast as possible. So your not alone when it comes to wheat free diets their are thousands of new cases found each month. So don't let your dog suffer from excessive itching and also it's best to feed any dog a wheat free diet because wheat isn't neccessicary for dogs and now wheat free speciality treats are the same price as regular treats and is so much better for them.

Also Freeze dried treats are a great treat for any dog becuae their is only 1 ingriedent in most of the freeze dried treats and that is the meat. So any dog can eat these treats as long as they are not allergic to the meat it's self. These treats are a little expensive but you can get deals on them at the above link.


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