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Great pets for anyone

Updated on April 17, 2013


I've had plenty of pets in the past, but the most memorable will always be my hamster. No matter what other pet I had none were nearly as loving and friendly as my hamster. I have certainly been bitten a few times but that was purely my fault as it is with many kids. Hamsters have a bad reputation for being biters but let me calm your fears by saying that is simply not true. 9.9999999 out of 10 times hamsters bite because someone tries to grab them while they are eating, sleeping, or not aware of a persons presence. If you make sure your hamster notices you and is unoccupied then you will almost certainly get a warm welcome, or at the very least a non hostile one. Hamsters make great pets for anyone of any age. They are normally thought of as a childs pet but this is not the case. Anyone can enjoy the companionship of a hamster. They are fairly low maintanence, they don't mind being handled and form a bond with their owner, and they are very interesting to watch. The main drawback to a lot of people is that they are nocturnal, but that doesn't always mean they come out at midnight. Many times hamsters will start being active toward seven or eight which is when many people get off of work or are getting home from sports. From my personal experience hamsters are about as good as it gets when it comes to loving pets who don't require a lot of maintanence. They show just as much love as a dog or cat but take up much less space and don't need to be catered to nearly as much. So if you're looking for the ideal pet then go pick up one of these fluffy little companions.


Blue-tongue Skink

When I first saw a skink I thought that has got to be one mean lizard. But I was entirely wrong, As wrong as it gets really. Skinks are one of the few reptiles that actually form a strong bond with their owner and enjoy being handled. They take up a fairly large amount of space but even if you have a smaller home or an apartment you should still be able to find the room for its tank. As with all reptiles you will need to provide heat, light, and humidity but as far as reptiles go everything is pretty standard. Their diet does require a little bit of attention though it is nothing to crazy and as long as you care for them properly they can reward you with 10-20 years of companionship. After you and your skink have a strong bond you can even let them roam your house for a while. For anyone who likes reptiles but ends up disappointed by their lack of sociability then the skink is certainly for you.


Giant Snails

If you are lucky enough to live in a country where the government makes some type of sense then snails are a great option for a pet! Snails certainly aren't the epitome of excitement but it can be quite entertaining to watch your snail eat or glance over every so often and realize that your slow moving creature that was in the corner a few minutes ago somehow managed to get on top of the log in the middle of the tank. They can even be handled if you wish to hold them. Just dampen your hand and enjoy your slimy little friend slowly scooting across your hand. They are interesting little creatures to say the least and they are quite easy to tae care of. A heat mat, a spray bottle, some lettuce, a cuttlebone, and a tank are all you really need to make these guys happy. Their requirements are on par with most pets, feed once a day, spray the tank once every two days, and clean the tank once a week and you will have a happy, healthy pet for anywhere between 4-7 years, maybe even more! If you are looking for a more active alternative however, cockroaches make great pets and can be very interesting. I left them off this list simply because not many people would be too fond of seeing a cockroach as they are trying to read a hub about pets.



Fish get a bad reputation for being boring pets and any fish that isn't considered boring is often thought to be hard to take care of. Visiting a local pet store it is easy to see why that assumption is often made. But with a little searching anyone can find the right fish for them and the best part is that fish are extremely easy to care for in many cases and practically any living space can accomodate them quite nicely. I prefer weather loaches and mystery snails simply because they seem the most interesting to me. However loaches are also quite hardy and have been known to survive overnight after hopping out of fish tanks. Not only that they also live for 10 years are more. Now there are certainly plenty more fish to consider than just loaches and snails, that is just my preference. But with a little searching im sure anyone can find the right aquatic pet for them.



For any bird lovers I would have to consider the finch one of the best possible pets out there. They aren't especially social so handling them isn't usually an option though there are rare exceptions. However they are beautiful birds that don't require much space and aren't too noisy. They come in many different colors and patterns so you can choose whichever you like best. They are very simple to care for, they just need food and water daily and a cage big enough to accommodate them which isn't very big considering they are small birds. You may have to sweep up some bird seeds on occasion but that is with pretty much any bird. If you want a low maintenance bird or just a pet that doesn't require to much attention but is still fun to watch then the finch would make a great addition to your home



Most people are probably a little put off by this idea. However tarantulas do make good pets. They are great if you like to watch a pet chase down its food or just run around doing tarantula things. They are interesting to watch, don't need much space, and are pretty simple to take care of. They eat crickets that are sold in most pet stores but can also be fed other things such as small mice. Another big perk to these pets is that they are very quiet. Tarantulas don't make much noise so you never have to worry about them waking up a family member or neighbor with all their racket. However they aren't recommended to be held. It is possible and many people do handle their tarantulas, however it requires a very gentle touch as tarantulas are very fragile. Many people fear the deadly bite of a tarantula but in actuality they rarely bite and when they do it often causes nothing more then minor pain and a skin irritation. They may also flick hairs at you if you startle them which can cause a rash but is once again nothing major. Tarantulas are best kept as a great pet to watch however they can be handled just don't expect to see much affection back if any.

Special note

All pets, no matter how convenient or low maintenance still require some form of care. There is no pet that requires no work or can be completely ignored. Taking care of pet does require some form of qork, however it is also incredibly rewarding. If you take care of your little friends they will take care of you. This list is meant to be for people who may be a little short on space or time or simply can't cater to the demands of some higher maintenance pets. That doesn't however mean to just throw some food and water at your pet and go. Enjoy your time with your pet, pamper it from time to time, remember you are buying a new little friend not a new chore.


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    • Vacation Trip profile image

      Susan 4 years ago from India

      They look so cute. Thanks for sharing this interesting hub.