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3 Most Dangerous Animals in World

Updated on December 30, 2013

Great Predators in the Sea and in the Jungle

I present to you with the greatest predators you can find in the wild anywhere on earth. They are amazing and deadly creatures.Often fascinating and even beautiful to watch.

This is a piece of nature knowledge, for you to posses posses not just to protect you from danger,but to enlighten you on the amazing world that we live in.

Number three: The great white shark: One of the deadliest and most skilled of predators, the great white shark is the third greatest predator in the animal kingdom.A mesmerizing swimmer, with its often underestimated speed.It is also endowed with an extremely heightened sense of smell, great strength, and extra-ordinary razor sharp teeth and instincts.

Unfortunately,This amazing ancient creature causes the death of about fifty people in a year.

Number two: The king cobra : The king cobra takes its rightful place, as number two greatest predator in the animal kingdom.

It Possess the most lethal bite, and venom injection in the snake family.These combined with its ability to spit its venom over seven feet into the face of its victims,makes it a force to be reckoned with

The king cobra causes the death of over one thousand five hundred people every year.

The mosquito Ironically, ranks a very deserving first place on this list. The fact that in the animal kingdom,it is the smallest of the top predators is a wonder that has often caused it to be underrated and overlooked by many.

The mosquito tops the list of great predators by an incredibly large margin. Mosquitoes cause the death of a staggering 2.5million people a year.

With the exception of the mosquito,great measures are being taken around the world to simultaneously protect the habitats of these creatures a swell as curb the loss of lives caused by their existence.Good success is being recorded so far.

The King Cobra Versus Other Snakes

King cobra:the most lethal of all snakes
King cobra:the most lethal of all snakes

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    • DDS profile image

      David Sproull 6 years ago from Toronto

      I don't think mosquitoes qualify as they don't cause death and illness, it is the microorganisms they exchange.

      My list of greatest (best) predators ..hmmn..

      1. Human

      2. wild dogs

      3. Killer whale