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Updated on March 23, 2012
Tones of Gray in Nature!
Tones of Gray in Nature!

Layers of gray tones become a cozy blanket for two adventurers to observe and ultimately snuggle with as nature opens her arms beckoning them to explore a new v

Today on my way home from work I am reminded of a recent trip to a small town museum I visited a month or so ago as I gaze around at all the gray clouds in the sky. I was awakened at the time by a painting created in tones of gray during my trip to Indiana. It amazed me how the painting I viewed that day reached out to me with life despite the lack of vibrant color.

I learned something new during my visit to that museum my eyes were dancing after being introduced to the grisaille style of painting, a true rare gem! Grisaille (pronounced griz-eye) is a painting term that means “gray tones”. The monochrome painting executed in gray tones values ranging from dark to light, transparent to opaque, flat to reflective, and sometimes from warm to cool. Inspiring!

As the drive home continued it appeared the clouds were growing in billowing numbers as they danced with the wind. Not motivated by much when I arrive home due to lack of energy from a long night’s shift, and with Bella’s blessing I found myself closing my eyes giving way to some much-needed sleep.

As a nap takes hold in a moment of time and quickly turns into hours I found myself awakening to a set of brown eyes and a smiling muzzle contently staring up at me hours later. Dressed and ready to rock, I knew it was time for Bella and I to start our daily adventure throughout the neighborhood as I looked upon her sitting by the door with her tail a wagging.

It is warm outside today, and Bella and I are being swept within the embrace of the wind and watched by the ever-present clouds of gray. Our walk led us to the park where Bella got to sniff around, and I got my view of nature in the seat of my swing looking at the world upside down pumping higher and higher as fast as my legs would go; tones of gray kept running though my head as I gazed intently up at the clouds for a second time that day.

The two of us arriving in our backyard exhausted after a long walk decided to snuggle together in the chaise under the movement of the sky. I was struck by the beauty of the living masterpiece I was viewing that was being created for me to see in the true style of grisaille…how could it not be seen?

Layer after layer of tones of grays with light dancing about the sky had my eyes releasing tears of sadness and joy as I realized once again a lesson I was being gently nudged to remember. It seems the last few days I had forgotten that my God is one of love and compassion and that even on the darkest of dark days where my first impression is to hide from life under the cover of clouds there is beauty for the heart to capture and embrace. It is a gift from God for all of us to discover with the effort of pure vision of our hearts that gives us the ability to see passed the obvious tones of gray in our lives giving way to the sparkling inner beauty of the lessons we are here to wrestle with daily in our hearts…the rare gem for the brave in life to seize.

After many moments caught up in the rapture of the living masterpiece my eyes were absorbing above me, with the wind whispering sweet songs from nature in my ear I once again fell off to sleep cuddled with Bella under a blanket of a loving sky, so warm and comforting…nature’s gift of a lullaby.

Sweet dreams, love the two of us!

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