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Grooming Your Dog - Buy the Right Pair of Dog Clippers!

Updated on January 8, 2010
The lovable Kiwi!
The lovable Kiwi!

I have written many dog related HUBS. If you have read any of them, then you know that I have a dog named Kiwi. If you are not familiar with my beautiful baby, allow me to introduce her to you. Kiwi is pure Australian Shepherd and all Daddy's Girl! She is nine years old and a bit on the neurotic side. I must admit that she is wary of strangers; however, I cannot blame her for her behavior as she was not socialized properly when she was a puppy. Trust me, I am paying for it now! Oh well, as they say… live and learn! Though a bit over-protective when around people she is not familiar with, Kiwi is a sweet, loving, attention hog and I will love and care for her forever.

If you know anything about Australian Shepherds, then you are aware that they have dense coats that require a good brushing at least three times per week. They shed…a lot! If not properly brushed and groomed, they can develop tangles and mats that can be difficult to remove (and trust me, removing mats and detangling an Australian Shepherd is time consuming!). At the beginning of each summer, my wife and I clip Kiwi's hair (we call it her comfy, summer cut!). Though she hates the actual process, she sure does feel good afterwards! She runs around the house like a maniac grabbing any and every toy she comes across.

Different breeds have different grooming needs!
Different breeds have different grooming needs!

Invest in a Good Pair of Dog Clippers!

If you want to cut your dog's hair properly then you must have the correct clippers! Clippers are essential if you own a long-haired dog and don't want to spend the money on professional grooming (which can be quite expensive). So what should you look for when it comes to a good pair of clippers? I'm glad you asked!

  • Motor power and good blades! Invest in a pair of clippers that has a powerful motor with different speed variations (a quiet motor is also a plus…as the clipping process can be quite scary to your dog!). Also, if possible, get blades that are made of high-grade steel. Though high-grade steel can be more expensive, they tend to stay sharper longer which will save you money in the long run.
  • Buy a pair of clippers that has a cool running unit. Clippers that have fans and air vents often become clogged and get "hot in your hand."
  • Shape is everything when it comes to a good pair of dog clippers! An ergonomic shaped clipper that fits properly in your hand won't cause strain on your wrist and or elbow. Trust me on this one…clipping a dog can be hard work and hard on the hands!

Andis Lighted Dog Clipper
Andis Lighted Dog Clipper

Do Your Homework!

As I often say, do your homework and research before you purchase ANY product (dog clippers are no exception!). There are many different brands of dog clippers on the market. Wahl, for example, is a known leader in the world of dog grooming tools. They offer a wide variety of clippers for both the consumer as well as the professional groomer. They offer live customer service, have high safety approval ratings, and powerful motors that make the clipping process a piece of cake!

Another clipper that caught my eye was the Andis Pro-Motor Light Clipper. What makes this particular clipper unique is that is comes with three LED lights which makes it much easier to see what you are doing (can you say more accurate dog grooming!). The Andis Pro-Motor Light Clipper is wonderful for "basic cuts" as well as ear and head trimming.

No matter what clippers you choose, always clip your dog's coat when it is clean and dry. Clippers that are used on a dirty and or oily coat will quickly dull and ruin your clipper blades (which means money out of your pocket as you will need to replace them). If you have more than one dog (and they all require coat care) you may actually want to purchase a grooming table and use a neck loop. Grooming tables and neck loops make giving your dog a haircut much easier! Good luck and here's to the perfect doggie hair cut! Woof.


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    • profile image

      OZsavers 6 years ago

      Very extensive article! Sure helped me choose the right dog clippers. Thanks for sharing!


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