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Grooming Your Pet Puppy

Updated on March 5, 2016

Why not Groom your pet puppy?

It’s not an easy job to groom your pet puppy, it’s very important to be gentle and patient with them, because if you are not so puppies tend to remember it as an unpleasant experience, making it more difficult for you to groom them as they grow older. Thus, it’s important to be gentle, patient and proceed in the following manner to ensure that bathing grooming and equipments such like combs and hair dryer, don’t result in a dreaded experience for both of you and your pet puppy.

Maltese-Shihtzu puppy after first bath
Maltese-Shihtzu puppy after first bath | Source

Bathing Your Puppy

Some points to check before you bath your puppy :

  1. The first thing is to check your puppy’s coat for any skin rashes, lumps or parasites such as fleas and ticks before bathing them. In case any of these are found, it is strictly advisable to see your vet for further advice and until then avoid bathing the puppy.

  2. Before bathing your puppy, prepare everything like the areas where you will wash and dry the puppy and the equipments. As it may happen that during the process the pet puppy may try to run away or get rid of the equipments.

  3. Try choosing a warm area, preferably outdoors, for bathing your pet puppy. Opting to go outdoors is a good option as bathing the puppy is really a messy job.

  4. Now for a start get a tub half-filled with lukewarm water and a ready warm water supply for rinsing. Placing your puppy in the tub will prevent slipping. Remember to be gentle with the pet, because it may happen that the rough handling may struck the puppy’s head for long and he may never forget the same and then every time you bathe him he ends up struggling with you.

  5. Always use a clean mug to pour the warm water over the puppy, from the back of the neck downwards, doing the head last.

  6. It’s important to use a mild shampoo to avoid irritation for your puppy. Do not forget go through the instructions carefully before using shampoo or any product. Start by applying the shampoo from the body to the legs. Ensure that the whole coat of the puppy is shampooed well forming a good lather. Take care and ensure that no shampoo gets into the puppy’s eye. Paying particular care to ensure that no shampoo gets into its eyes.

  7. It’s turn to rinse away the shampoo very gently and properly from the puppy’s coat using warm water and using your hands gently. Ensure that all the shampoo is rinsed off well from the coat to avoid skin irritation to the puppy.

  8. You will see that the puppy will shake himself vigorously removing most of the water from his coat. It’s time to dry your puppy using an old clean towel. If it ends up in semi drying the puppy with the towel, you can also opt for a hair dryer to dry him completely but remember to set the dryer on a low heat.

  9. You can also use a soft-bristle hair brush while using a hair dryer simultaneously to avoid tangles on the hair of the puppy’s coat.

Puppy After Bath
Puppy After Bath | Source

Dogs Just Don't Want to Bath - Funny


Grooming Your Puppy

Some points to check before grooming your puppy :

  1. While grooming the puppy you may find him a bit frightened or nervous,relax! this could be because he may not be used to grooming before. So you need to be very gentle and patient. It’s not always necessary to groom your pet puppy; you can do it once in a week depending on the condition of the puppy’s the coat.

  2. Arrange everything beforehand like a rubber comb and a soft-bristle brush will be needed which you should keep especially for the puppy.

  3. It will be best for your puppy to stand him on the table outdoors to make the grooming process easy.

  4. If the size of your puppy is large or he is too heavy or boisterous I would suggest you to take someone’s help during the whole process and avoid lifting the pet puppy too much. On the other hand if the size of your pet puppy is small then making him sit on your lap may be good and easy for you too.

  5. With the help of a soft-bristle comb groom the dead hair out. Making a start from head, work down the body, then the tail and legs at last. Pay particular attention to the thick hair around the neck, especially with breeds such as Labradors.

  6. At last use a soft-bristle brush to remove any hair loose.

With the help of these points you can easily save money and groom your pet dog at home. I hope this article makes the grooming process easier and more effective experience for both the master and the pet puppy dog. Certain dogs breed have more special needs and care routines, so it’s better to consult your veterinarian.

P.S. This content of the article is written from personal experience and not professionally.

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