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Guinea Pig Tips

Updated on September 23, 2014

How to successfully care for your guinea pigs

According to research, Guinea pigs are sensitive animals that come in a variety of different types and from varying regions. Belonging to small mammal class rodentia, these furry fluffs are eccentric critters. Two years ago, we purchased Rex and Squeaks. They were the only pigs in the enclosure, so I got them together. I was warned guinea pigs are social animals and do best in pairs or more.

As I canvassed the various cages in the store and online, nothing seemed suitable. The idea of putting a creature otherwise meant to meander about, into a small cage, seemed like slavery. For those of you who are sensitive to animals, also known as animal empaths, it is impossible to feel satisfied keeping your furry friend in a cage!

I read up on their sensitivity to temperature, bedding, wired enclosures, perfumes, allergens, and mold, everything under the sun. I mean come on! I am not trying to buy a ready- made dead animal! If I am going to get something cuddly, cute and unique, I want to provide the best home possible. After some adjustments below are helpful tips to creating the best environment for your happy guineas.

Here are some tips on how to care for your Guinea pigs. Happy Guinea pigs are healthy guinea pigs!

Habitat Enclouser


1. Purchase baby gates or pet enclosure gates that can be added too or removed- for sizing options. Below are some links for purchase ease.

2. Locate an area in your home with a fair amount of traffic, to place your guinea pig arena.

3. If you have ceramic tiled flooring, you can purchase cheap fleece blankets to place on the floor. Make sure the blankets are long enough to fit under the gating to ensure stability. Every morning, fold up the blanket with its contents; mop flooring with pure grade lemongrass, lemon, orange, or lavender essential oils. Make a mixture of 50 drops per 32 oz water, and replace with clean blanket. You can also use towels.

4. If you have other flooring like wood, or stick tiles, you may want to purchase baby padded play mats to keep urine from degrading your flooring. You will want to check under the mat to ensure the floor is dry. Mop under the matting a few times per week to eliminate smell and bacteria.

5. Purchase or make some tent holders. I made my own with low-grade fleece. Guineas love these alternatives, since they hang off the floor and allow for a warm enclosed wrap or a bouncy swing.

6. Make sure you have a water bottle available. I use our refrigerator-filtered water. They seem to like this over tap water.

The reason I chose this approach is it allows for open space appeal while remaining secure. It is easily moveable and super easy to clean. My guineas can run throughout the house and still have a safe place to retreat. It is easy to close and open.

Handmade Teepee


Homemade cleaner


Sweet orange


Cinnamon Leaf

are some of the essential oils you can use to make sure your guinea pig area is clean and healthy. You can use these oils together or seperate. I use 50 drops per 32 Fl oz sprayer.

Hay and More Hay Please!

Since guinea pigs are considered grazers, they are in need of hay on a 24 hour basis. I would recommend purchasing your hay/grass from your local farmers market or privately owned animal surplus store. Make sure it is a mixture of timothy and alfalfa mix. You can also purchase grasses that are high in nutrients. This is a large part of the daily diet but is also necessary to keep their teeth at a normal length since their teeth continuely grow. You can also add fresh fruit and veggies as well as a good pellet with added vitamin C.

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© 2014 Amy Casale Choisser


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    • profile image

      guinealova 3 years ago

      oooh Cant WAIT to get a guinea pig :)))))

    • Amy Choisser profile image

      Amy Casale Choisser 3 years ago from Melbourne Fl

      Thanks. they are interesting creatures.

    • profile image

      Tricia Deed 3 years ago

      I once owned a long-haired guinea pig. He was so pretty. Good ideas for care of these cute little animals.