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Guineas-A fun bird

Updated on August 2, 2016
2 of my guineas
2 of my guineas

Meeting guineas

From the first time I saw one guineas intrigued me with their little pointed heads, their way of looking at you, and then moving as one no matter how many of them there are. So I just had to get some. Simple pens that will hold chickens will not hold guineas. I found that out really quick They will find the littlest hole to get out, or fly over high fences. If they are in a new place they may very well leave to never be seen again. So pen must be very secure and only turn out one or two at a time, they won't go far with others still in pen. Then as others come out they will keep newly released around.

Now when it comes to fences that they can easily fly over they will often just pace back and forth in front of the fence, acting like they are going to die if they don't get through, that's usually when they are on the wrong side of the fence. Those litte brains.

When it comes to keeping them penned or loose. loose is best, for them and for you. Their favorite food is ticks, they keep snakes away, they do not destroy gardens, only eat the bad bugs there. They are loud and make pretty good alarm systems when someone strange shows up. I keep plenty of food in their shelter so that they will come in at night. Gives a small measure of control. They will go into trees iff you let them, but then they will be totally wild on you and you will be unllikely ot ever catch them if you want them.

When it comes to breeding they will hide their nests, often show up with 15 or more babies, called keets. Problem is if you do not corral mother and babies, most of the keets will be lost, left behind fast moving mom in wet grass or weeds or whatever. They are not the best moms though they do try, My first batch of keets was 14, only 3 made it. Now I herd moms into secure pens until keets are at least a month old,

When I wish to sell some keets they are handi, but, well protected once mom knows what I am up to. Mom will attack to protect them so night is safet time to get the ones you want to sell.

I actually have one mom right now who came in with 17 keets, penned her, sold 6 so she still has 11, I turned her oooout and after 2 days she brought her 11 keets back to the pen. There they all are safe, her food comes regularly, and I'd better not try and get anymore she lets me know

I wouldn't try to keep guineas in a suburb where neighbors are really close, they are too loud and wander too much, probably neighbors would not appreciate their good points, onllly their noise and, if with babes their tendency to attack if they think you are to close.


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