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Updated on February 10, 2011
A well fed healthy dog
A well fed healthy dog

How to Improve Your Dog's Diet

Looking for a way to improve your dog’s diet? You want to feed your dog the best green dog food? Then search no more, as I take you step by step, the things you need to do to enhance your dog’s diet. Remember, pets have come to be a part of human life, and we cannot divorce the fact that we need them to be happy especially in times of distress of loneliness, and to some, it acts as a good security guard, if only they are well trained for that purpose are equally fed to meet up the great challenge. Of all the pets, dogs seem to be the most popular and most appreciated, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your other pets like; cats etc.

Before I move on, I want you to consider your dog as one of your family members, and not just doing this in words, you need to act like that towards them and treat them with some respect and passion just like you do to other members of the family, by the way, they play a role in your life too, so I am not going to site cases where dogs acted as a lifesaver for their owners, you can search for the benefits of having a dog as a pet.

To some dog owners, it is not useful to feed the dog a holistic food diet, they just give them whatever they lay hands upon, and the dogs also look like every other malnourished dog you can equally lay eyes on.

Choose a greener dog food
Choose a greener dog food

Choosing a dog diet

Before you start feeding your dog with a particular type of food, I want you to be aware of the class of animals that dogs fell upon: the carnivores. This means that they hate leafs, corns or the likes, they enjoy eating flesh or dead flesh but that doesn’t mean you should feed them animal bye-products, which is exactly what those dog foods you buy in the grocery store are meant from.

Bearing this in mind, ensure that their diets contain healthy fleshy foods, not the type sold at dog food stores or grocery stores. Most dog foods sold by dog food stores are not healthy for your dog; they are made from company waste and dead left over. The best approach towards enhancing your dog’s diet is to give your dog what you yourself can consume. If you doubt what I am telling you today, make a trip to a dog food manufacturing company or ask a friend who is probably working there how they manufacture dog foods, I bet you wouldn’t want to feed your dog any food that is not prepared by you. Without wasting further time, let us go straight to the steps you need to take to enhance your dog’s diet.

Uncared dog that eventually died
Uncared dog that eventually died


The biggest killer of dogs and pets in general is the by-products in their food. If you are aware of the recent recall of hundreds of pet foods made in China you should understand the need for you to feed your dog or pets organic foods, especially those made by you or a local dog food producer.

Choose carefully
Choose carefully


Step one- Visit a vet:

it is very advisable to see a veterinary doctor before changing a dog’s diet. Vets are very open to natural, whole food, and holistic options for animals than ordinary grocery stores. From here you can determine what diet is going to work best for your dog.

Step two- Buy the food and appropriate supplements:

There are many brands of natural and holistic dog food in the market. These foods may be difficult if not impossible to find at your local grocery store, but a visit to a pet specialty store should offer many better options to choose. You should also be able to pick up the supplements you need in such places. Dog nutrition research has shown that adding an omega fat to a dog food will increase its vision and immunity to diseases, while adding probiotics supplement will help the dog’s digestion. For the fact that majority of these food supplements aren't recommended for every dog, they are often left out of standard dog food formulas by manufacturers of dog foods.

Step three- Set up a feeding schedule:

Feeding your dog a holistic diet will require you to stick to a particular feeding schedule. If you feed your dog twice a day, be sure to add fresh food and the needed supplements at the same time to help regulate their feeding schedule.


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