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How to Trim a Teddy Bear Dog

Updated on August 29, 2016

You want your dog to look adorable? Don’t you think a teddy bear breed is suited to your dog? Why don’t you try it? Make your dog so stylish by yourself. Shaving them, trimming them, if you think you really want to do it by yourself, you can learn it. Not so very good at the first time, though, eventually, you can trim the cutest dog on your own. It is just the matter of time.

Teddy bear style
Teddy bear style | Source

Groom your dog’s coat

First you need to find a clipper, you could find the best dog clipper by research on google

We will start at the back of the head; go through the shoulder, to the tail. Follow the growth of the hair. If you want it shorter, you can move back later, the more you groom the dog’s coat, the less you have to trim it later.

Clip over the back then downside the body, after that groom down the shoulder, from the top of the leg to the elbow and wrap around the rib cage, come down in the long straight strokes, keep moving back the body.

To make your dog look like a teddy bear, it is necessary to keep their coat stuffy and short. Besides, dog’s coat need to be round and shape, the more you can do it, the more they look lovely.

And do not forget to groom the armpit hairs as well as the chest bone area. To groom at the belly, you can lift their front legs up and let they stand on the bag legs, it will easy your work. Take it slowly and be careful, that area is very sensitive.

Come to the rear end, try to make some angulations at the back legs while shaving, shave it tight at the upper, you can let it fuller at the lower as it will make them look cute, show the angulations right at the bend of the leg, make the shape. Do it tight, but be careful with the muscle. You have nearly done the work with the clippers; however, do not fail to remember the area inside of back legs.

Now, it is time to trim it

Blend the dog hip with the scissor, sweep it around, make it more attractive by trimming more tightly, show the shape when you trim the front legs, make a straight from the top of the legs to the ground. You should look two legs, compare and be sure they are balanced. The balance makes they look nice

Comb all the hair on the foot down, you will see the hair. Trim it around the foot; place the scissor 45 decrease against the ground. Make sure you don’t do it so tight; you might hurt the dog’s foot. Trimming down from the top legs to the ground, try to do straight but still

To deal with the head, first, comb the hairs over eyes, clear the eyes area, come across the eyes, trim close the eyes area and the corner of the eyes and the bridge nose. You can place the scissors clean on the top of the nose then cut the hairs out.

It is good to keep the hairs in this area short and nice because the long hairs can stick your dog eye, which make them feel unpleasant. Clear the hairs, then, they can see again, we all know they are happier when you do it.

Make the head round, move your scissors along it, blend the back of the neck. Cut under the jaw, make it round and shape. You also need to cut the mustaches, keep it between our fingers then cut it. Cut the hairs behind the ears and the tip of it, don’t let it too long. You should cut the hairs in ears to keep it clean too, to prevent your dog from infection.

Now look at your dog, is they in shape and round? Are they balance? If they haven’t yet, you can re-trim your dog, just a little bit, and then your dog is perfect.

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