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Halloween Cat Killers

Updated on November 12, 2010

Black and white cats are at most risk on Halloween

I'm hiding in the closet
I'm hiding in the closet | Source
Baby says "Keep Me Safe"
Baby says "Keep Me Safe" | Source
I'm watching mice. Who's watching me?
I'm watching mice. Who's watching me? | Source
Peeper's last photo. Killed in her own yard.
Peeper's last photo. Killed in her own yard. | Source

A New Breed Of Halloween Cat Killer

Today I'm going to break my own black cat myth. All of the black cat myths, for that matter. In all honesty, no cat, black or otherwise is really safe this month. And it's not the satanic cults we need to fear the most.

There's a new breed of Halloween cat killer out there. Don't let your cat become the next target!

Please read all of this article as it's a real eye opener. And it's urgent with Halloween just around the corner. Do not be squeamish about reading every word. Do not go into denial because this CAN happen in your neighborhood. The best way to protect our cats is to be as informed as possible.


I grew up in the 1970's and 80's where there were stories (and movies) galore about Satanic cults sacrificing black cats on Halloween and other Satanic holidays. I even knew a few cult members in real life.

I've learn a few things in my research this year.

Now lets move along to Sanheim, which is where our modern day Halloween hails from. Those who practice this religion believe the veil between life and death is the thinnest on this day (October 31) and the dearly departed have the greatest chance to return to earth on this day. The animal of choice for the departed to possess would be a black cat. So the black cat myth was born.

Some religions (and horror movies) believe by sacrificing the black cat the dead person can return as said cat. Other's try to prevent the soul's return by killing the cat.

This is the scary part. And confusing. This Satanic Ritual quote was obtained from this source. "Rituals involving animal sacrifices are common in various syncretistic religions which combine beliefs from West African Aboriginal religion and Roman Catholicism. These include Santeria, Vodun, Macumba, etc."

Small animals like chickens and goats are ritually sacrificed in a humane manner, generally by cutting their carotid artery. They are later cooked and eaten after most rituals. The U.S. Supreme Court in 1993 determined that various ordinances passed by the City of Hialeah, FL to prohibit ritual sacrifices were unconstitutional."

We are NOT only dealing with Satanic cults in the majority of these Halloween cat killing cases. In fact, Satanic cults are the least of our problems these days.

Now forget everything I've written so far about cults during the past year. Well, don't forget it, but don't dwell on it either. Because we have a greater threat on on our hands. While there are still some rituals involving black (and white) cats, there is a greater fear than the true cults. So please don't write me and say Satanic cults no longer exist. They're just being outnumbered.

Because the modern day Satanic cult-SIT DOWN READERS- has been replaced by the psychopathic, psychotic, mentally ill neighbor who lives down the street. The neighbors kids with too much spare time and too little respect for animals.

I've done a lot of research and gotten a lot of feedback this year on this subject. I've also learned a few things I didn't know. True Religious Satanists value life forms in humans and animals. Please use your search engine and read up on this if you don't believe me!

Wiccans and Neopagans do not sacrifice animals either. So where did the cat sacrificing propaganda we see on and in the news come from? And who is killing our pets around Halloween?

I'll tell you who. Satanic Urban Legend wannabe's. It doesn't matter where these kids got their information when it comes to cats. Unfortunately, a dead cat is a dead cat.

I've done several articles that I advise you to read over because this changes everything on the way cats (and also white bunnies as white signifies purity) are looked at around Halloween.

A lot of these sacrifices still occur. Some of it is an "urban legend" thing where friends show off and pretend they're members of the "Satanic Forces." Other rituals are preformed by psychotic fathers trying to exert control on terrified children. Think about it, if "Midnight" or "Blackie" isn't safe, neither is "mom." To these men, it's all a power play.

So no black cat or white cat is safe during the month of October. Many shelters refuse to adopt during this month, because urban legends have a tendency to come true. Cats are also turning up missing earlier each year1.

I thank God the shelters have wised up on this issue.

There's so much more to be done. Homeowners need to come out of their shell in thinking this is a nice safe world. It may have been once, but not anymore.

It's sad that this era may be remembered as the "season of the pet." Dead pets, shot pets, missing pets, tortured pets. The news is full of them every day. Don't hide under a rock and think this isn't happening all around you!

Pet owners must be extra vigilant in knowing where their pets are at all times. In some areas of the world, it's no longer safe to leave a dog or cat outside while you run to the corner store. As concerned pet owners we HAVE to realize this and take steps accordingly. Secure your cats and dogs before leaving for even half an hour. Someone out there could be watching.

Turn in suspected animal abuse of any kind. If enough of us band together and act, that's better than sitting by idly while our pets die.

I think it sad that people feel the need to purchase a cat as a "showpiece" for a holiday. Cats and dogs both hate the day as it means lots of strange people and stranger noises in the neighborhood. Please read this article as white cats are also in serious danger. Snopes is known for separating fact from reality and I turn to it on many occasions.1

I hope this article has been educational. I didn't use a lot of references because they're not needed. Just use a little common sense readers. And don't be as trusting as you used to be . I REALLY hate to end with this piece of advice, because it goes against everything I was taught as a child. But when you're dealing with people who were taught to harm defenseless animals, you do what you have to do.

Please feel free to comment and pass this article along to other pet lovers. If one life can be saved I've done my job here.

The black cat Peeper was my cat. She was killed when a stray dog broke through our fence and killed her 6 feet from a tree. She stayed inside 98% of the time, including at night. She was killed one morning shortly after I let her outside to hunt in her own yard.

I dedicate this article to my Peeper, who lived inside most nights under the safety of her people.

She was 9 years old.

This is the reason my cats both live inside now.



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    • erthfrend profile image

      erthfrend 7 years ago from Florida

      Excellent article. I always have that fear in my mind for cats and other animals during the halloween season and you are right, its usually the wannabe's or the bored kids that do these evil acts. It is very important to pass this information on and let people know to keep a watchful eye and yes, keeping our pets indoors unless we are out there with them is very important.